Democracy is like kryptonite to the EU. EC President Juncker furious that Greece will exercise right to vote. Calls on EU to withdraw support

Greek PM Tsipras just put into motion the one thing the European Union fears like the plague, democracy.

Following the Greek Prime Minister’s call for a referendum on whether Greece should accept the death blow policies that the EU is demanding in exchange for more debt financing, the EU freaked out and immediately stated that their may be no deal to discuss at the next Eurogroup meeting.

The unelected European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker was reportedly furious when he heard the news of the referendum.

Following the announcement for a referendum, an EU official said:

“The Greeks will vote on a deal that is no longer on the table. It’s time for Plan B”.

Does the referendum means a “yes or no to the euro.”

More importantly which other “Euro unhappy” countries will follow Greece’s lead, as they realise that they actually have the power to send the corrupt and criminal EU clowns packing.

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