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Delhi Violence

An Attempt to Provoke An Irredentist Response from Pakistan?

The Delhi riots have been going on for days. There are very suspicious activities that have been highlighted in video from local sources. The police have been clearly shown to be doing nothing to taking part in the anti Muslim violence. There are leaders with bullhorns leading the crowds on a very tactical level. The alleged spark for this was a peaceful demonstration against Modi’s CAA  (Citizenship Amendment Act), laws which allow for easy immigration to India by non Muslim refugees fleeing Pakistan. They are seen as being discriminatory against Muslims. As there are more Muslims in India than there are in Pakistan, it was not surprising that there was a Muslim demonstration organized in Delhi. A violent counter demonstration broke out in Jafrabad, a district in Delhi where the first Muslim or “minority” demonstration took place. Soon, they became city wide. 17 people have been killed as of this morning 02/26/20 EST, and that number went up to 20 by this afternoon. It has been clear for at least 2 days that the police cannot or will not handle this emergency adequately. Evidence of their complicity is overwhelming. A slain police officer is being referred to as “martyred” by India Today and NDTV and most editorials appear angry about the violence without much examination of what is happening. There are numerous calls for the Army to be called in to quell the violence but so far, it has not happened. Ambulances refused to rescue the injured until the High Court (HC) ordered them to. There are obvious echoes of the tragic Indian violence in 1984 which Mr. Modi was implicated in.


The timing of the riots is suspicious as well. It comes on the heels of the Trump visit which celebrated a dramatic increase in US sales and trade with India, much of it arms. It is also almost exactly one year since the Indian retaliatory strike on Balakot, a compound of Pakistani supported terrorists within the borders of Pakistan and which caused a substantial bump in favorable support for the Modi government. This new violence actually broke out while Trump was still in India. The violence was well underway as he and Mr. Modi addressed a rally of some 100,000 enthusiastic Indian supporters. One of the videos released on Indian TV shows a riot organizer, identified as Kapil Mishra, a BJP party member, declaring that the actions being taken while Trump was still in India would be relatively restrained. He went on to warn the police that once Trump left the country, they needed to get out of the way. This, the police apparently did and in many instances were caught on video.  There are numerous reports of outside provocateurs. The situation begs questions: As the war for the US is winding down in Afghanistan, is there an effort to start a new one by triggering an irredentist response from Pakistan? Who benefits from this? Was this a set up to embarrass Trump?


It would seem premature to ask such questions if did not have exclusive information and experience. We are asking ourselves if this violence isn’t the opening move for an attempt by an American-Indian Defense consortium to take over Indian leadership through a war. So we wind the clock back to December 9th of 2019. It was an event we didn’t bother to report but we were there. A small peaceful demonstration was held in front of the Pakistani embassy in Washington DC. We were invited to take part. We did. has long been vocal about Pakistani influence and double dealing in American politics and the Afghan war. has a long history of speaking up about the dubious Pakistani-American relationship. So it came as no surprise to us that we were invited to show up to a demonstration in front of the Pakistani Embassy.


It was a small strange affair. There were some 50 people. Some, like myself and a colleague, Andrew Eiva, were there out of conviction (although we did end up being paid). However, money was not our motivation. We are not fans of the government of Pakistan. We have seen how the relationship between Pakistan and the US has been one of corruption, deception and murder. We were the first to publicly identify a senior American diplomat as an agent of Pakistan. We were the first to call into question the sponsorship of Pakistan for the Taliban. We have seen first hand, how the Army of Pakistan rules over a sham democracy. We are deeply concerned that the war in Afghanistan is the tip of an iceberg of corruption that is the real explanation of why the US has been in Afghanistan and losing a war for 20 years. This writer has carried a rifle in Afghanistan and has relatives in uniform. So this old hand was going to be at the demonstration with bells on.


The crowd that had gathered was organized by Chakrabati Ustav, an Indian American living in the DC area. While many of the demonstrators appeared to be genuine and primarily from the Indian community in America, a number of them seemed to be an odd fit. In particular, we noticed a group of young black American Muslims who were not only in the crowd but also stepped up to speak. This was an apparent contradiction. When asked, it turned out that they were all employees of a security company based in Baltimore, rent-a-cops in plain clothes. Another person, who was apparently an organizer identified himself as an Indian-American working for an unspecified defense contractor. He had no business card. In fact, no one seemed to. This all seemed out of the ordinary. For one thing, defense contractors do not usually take part in demonstrations. They cause them. For another, people usually are keen to use demonstrations as a way of networking. We left the organizers with our contact information and have not heard from them since. In as much as this observer ended up being a featured speaker in the story as it appeared in both the Pakistani and Indian news coverage, one might expect a call back. Nada. Any time American Muslims take part in a demonstration against a Muslim country, especially Pakistan, it is worthy of some news coverage in itself. Nada.


We found ourselves scratching our heads at the end of the day. This demonstration did not feel right. has been to many. Ostensibly it was about Pakistani transgressions in Kashmir. There have been many. Indeed, that’s also why we were there. We fully support Indian victims of Pakistani terrorism. We have always advocated that the Pakistani ISI has been behind the terrorist it claims operate independently. We are mindful of those Muslims caught in the crossfire.


So for, we see a connection to some seemingly random events. Timing is everything. We saw the increased trade with India as a forward motion for America even though it is primarily in the defense sector. We filed a story yesterday to that effect. We noted that it was not really about a single trade agreement. It was about a broader significant increase in trade between India and the US. Now, some 24 hours after we filed our last story, we find ourselves wondering if the timing of Trump’s visit wasn’t rigged to coincide with an attempt to set off an irredentist Pakistani response to anti Muslim riots that do not seem to be spontaneous but do seem to be a well organized mass crime. We wonder if Trump wasn’t set up to be the face of the violence. War has always been good business but it always needs fall guys to take the blame and its’ financiers are rarely held accountable.


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Olivia Kroth

Maybe Mr. Modi could learn from Russia’s President Putin how to integrate all religions in a big country? The Russian Federation respects Orthodox believers, Muslims and Jews alike. No religious riots in Russia!

Vivek Kaushik
Vivek Kaushik

Ever heard of Chechnya? Tell me how peacefully that went? About Jews just read Jewish history in Russia and Bolsheviks.

Olivia Kroth

President Putin is President of Russia in the 21 th century, it is called the Russian Federation. The Bolsheviks ruled the Soviet Union in the 20th century. Study history, before blabbing nonsense!


Browse “Modi gujarat 2002”, unless you have a weak personal constitution

There’s a reason why Modi was banned from coming to the US for years.

Olivia Kroth

Mr. Modi is welcome in Russia. He should come more often in Russia, especially as both countries – India and Russia – are members of BRICS.

Olivia Kroth

BRIC is an acronym for Brazil, Russia, India, and China 😊 😊 😊 😊
countries believed to be the future dominant suppliers of manufactured goods, services, and raw materials by 2050. China and India will become the world’s dominant suppliers of manufactured goods and services, respectively, while Brazil and Russia will become similarly dominant as suppliers of raw materials. As of 2010, South Africa joined the group, which is now referred to as BRICS.
😊 😊 😊 😊 😊

Olivia Kroth

FURTHER DEVELOPMENT OF BRICS 😊 😊 😊 😊 😊 After the 2015 summit, the respective communications ministers, under a Russian proposal, had a first summit for their ministries in Moscow in October, where the host minister Nikolai Nikiforov proposed an initiative to further tighten their information technology sectors and challenge the monopoly of the United States in the sector. Since 2012, the BRICS group of countries have been planning an optical fibre submarine communications cable system to carry telecommunications between the BRICS countries, known as the BRICS Cable. In August 2019, the communications ministers of the BRICS countries signed a… Read more »

Vivek Kaushik
Vivek Kaushik

Also, there is reason why Modi is one of the strongest and most popular leader in the world. There is also a reason that Leftist Media always portrays Right-wing leaders in bad light or simply ‘fascists’. Its called Propaganda.

Olivia Kroth

The strongest and most popular leader in the world is President Putin of the Russian Federation.


Its interesting to unpack the connections betweenn the CIA and the ISI, and from there the links to the ISI in events in the days/months leading up to the twin towers.

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