DEFENDING WEINSTEIN: Fashionista Donna Karan says women “may be asking for it” by dressing seductively (VIDEO)

Donna Karan defends Harvey Weinstein and blames victims.

No need for Harvey Weinstein to worry…he has plenty of liberal left loonies who will defend his actions…because when a liberal commits sexual assault, like Bill Clinton, it’s acceptable, forgivable, and of course the women’s fault.

When a conservative commits the same, or lesser act, then heaven and earth must be moved in order to destroy that individual. Ribbons must be worn by NFL players. Hollywood delivers endless award speeches on how the patriarchy must die.

Via The Gateway Pundit

As previously reported, embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is the subject of a devastating expose detailing decades of sexual harassment.

So far the Hollywood elites have yet to condemn serial predator Harvey Weinstein.

Even worse, fashion designer, Donna Karan DEFENDED Weinstein in an interview on Sunday. She also took women back several decades by suggesting the accusers were ‘asking for it’ by wearing seductive clothing.

Hollywood literally worshipped Weinstein. Gross.

In March 2012 Hollywood actress Meryl Streep praised serial predator Harvey Weinstein as “god” at the Golden Globes.

The audience loved it.

Donna Karan said during a red carpet interview at the CinéFashion Film Awards on Sunday that Weinstein and his wife are wonderful people.

Karan also suggested that Weinstein’s female accusers are to blame for their seductive dress.

Via The Daily Mail:

‘I think we have to look at ourselves. Obviously, the treatment of women all over the world is something that has always had to be identified. Certainly in the country of Haiti where I work, in Africa, in the developing world, it’s been a hard time for women.

‘To see it here in our own country is very difficult, but I also think how do we display ourselves? How do we present ourselves as women? What are we asking? Are we asking for it by presenting all the sensuality and all the sexuality?

‘And what are we throwing out to our children today about how to dance and how to perform and what to wear? How much should they show?’

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