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DC church adopts “Gender-Neutral God” policy (Video)

DC church adopts “Gender-Neutral God” policy (Video)

This Reverend’s church has adopted a “Gender-Neutral God” policy.

Tucker Carlson asks him why this benefits the church, given the fact that their congregation numbers are plummeting to all time lows.

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John R. Nolan
John R. Nolan

May these perverse, anti-Christ pretenders soon rot in hell. God made us male and female, for a specific reason, men to work and women to stay home, have the babies, do the cooking and washing, etc. Look what a mess the world is in since women got their ‘rights’. Why are women working so hard at becoming men when all they do is condemn us for being blokes? If women stopped fighting against men, we, as a society, could possibly rectify the horrible mess, we, the human race, have so far manufactured! Divide and Conquer, satan’s plan from the beginning,… Read more »

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