David Cameron proves Russia invaded Ukraine because ‘you can’t buy Russian weapons on eBay’

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America’s number one poodle, UK Prime Minister David Cameron will be sending 75 military personnel to Ukraine to help train the neo-nazi Ukrainian forces.

And so it begins, another war in which Russia will have to carry the burden of defeating the rise of Nazism once again in the heart of Europe. This time the Nazi forces are supplied, funded and supported by the United States of America and the European Union.

If this is the fight that Russia must take on then so be it. All the signs are pointing to the inevitable war ahead, and the western ‘exceptional’ population is to enthralled with Kim Karadashian’s booty and Facebook Likes to understand the course that Washington and Brussels have set for us all.

Now we have UK Prime Minister, David Cameron running around like the whining tool he is, screaming that Russia must have invaded Ukraine because Russian military equipment is being used in the conflict…and well, according to Cameron, “You can’t buy these things [Russian weapons] on eBay.”

Here is Cameron on the 18th of February while on a visit to the Rolls Royce factory in West Sussex, UK

“What is happening in Ukraine, where effectively one country is challenging the territorial integrity of another country. Those Russian-backed rebels in eastern Ukraine, they are using Russian rocket launchers, Russian tanks, Russian heavy artillery. You cannot buy this equipment on eBay – it doesn’t come from somewhere else, it’s come from Russia.”

And here is Cameron a few days later on the 24th of February…

“What we are seeing is Russian-backed aggression, often these are Russian troops, they are Russian tanks, they are Russian Grad missiles. You can’t buy these things on eBay, they are coming from Russia, people shouldn’t be in any doubt about that. We have got the intelligence, we have got the pictures and the world knows that. Sometimes people don’t want to see that but that is the fact.”

It’s so simple really. If Russian tanks and Grads are being used in East Ukraine, then, by the mere fact that you cannot purchase such items on Ebay or Amazon, it must mean that the weapons came from Russia, and thus Russia has invaded Ukraine.

Finally the iron clad evidence the world has been waiting for!

Never mind the fact that Ukraine was, for decades, a primary manufacturer of Russian military equipment.

Never mind the fact that Ukraine was a part of the USSR for most of the 20th Century.

Never mind the fact that maybe…just maybe, before the US coup to destabilized the country to place, Russian and Ukrainian military complexes might have cooperated on multiple levels.

We should ignore all of the above to explain why a country…

  • full of ethnic Russians,
  • historically Russian,
  • bordering Russia,
  • and economically dependent on Russia…

Would have in its possession Russian military hardware. Nah..not a chance.

The only way you can get Russian military hardware is if Russia invades your country. That’s it, no other possible way whatsoever.

Every country in the world that has Russian weapons must have been invaded by Russia…this included, India, Greece, Iran, Pakistan, China….hell half the world.

Using David Cameron’s logic, we must rule out that Russian weapons were purchased via Ebay, because Ebay does not carry Russian weapons…unlike all the American and British weapons Ebay is selling [sarcasm]. This leaves us with only one way Russian weapons could have ended up in Ukraine…via invasion.

Of course all those weapons, tanks, grads etc…entered Ukraine without one military satellite image (tweets and private US imaging companies do not count) capturing the movement of such weapons across the border.

The other day I heard someone was shot in LA with an AK-47. Has Russia invaded LA Mr. Cameron…because you can’t get these things on Ebay.

If the UAE buys American arms (outside of Ebay of course) and then sells them to Ukraine, does this mean America has invaded Ukraine…or is the UAE invading Ukraine?  Did UAE get the US weapons on Ebay? If not, can we call it an invasion?

David Cameron may actually eclipse Tony Blair is warmongering, American puppet stupidity.



The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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