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Dangerous consequences in Venezuela regime change plan (Video)

RT CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle and The Duran’s Alex Christoforou take a quick look at the deepening and dangerous crisis evolving in Venezuela.

The U.S. has thrown its support at opposition leaderJuan Guaigó, as Venezuela’s interim president. For many Latin Americans this has reawakened suspicions of America’s intentions in the region which have little to do with democracy.

Meanwhile China and Russia have rejected the US-backed intervention.

Is this the beginning of the next world’s crisis?

Via The Independent

Donald Trump has promptly recognised formerly-unknown quantity Juan Guaigó as his interim president of Venezuela. Without taking the trouble to wait for elections, Guaigó proclaimed himself president and swore himself before almighty God and the cameras. Pictures reproduced around the world show him holding a constitution, approved during Hugo Chavez’s administration, with liberator Simon Bolivar on its cover.

The stunt is supposed to send a message to millions of Venezuelans outside the mostly urban, middle-upper class strongholds of the right-wing opposition, and the world, who before yesterday had never heard of Mr Guaigó, that he too recognises the Bolivarian foundations of the Republic, historical and more recent.

But neither God nor Trump and staged spectacle provide legitimacy or cover for what this is: a coup. Most Venezuelans would recognise it as such. Engineered from outside, decorated with a thin constitutional patina.

Interventions like this, using “lawfare” rather than warfare, have now become a norm in the region. But they aren’t new. It’s the exact same script of the 1973 coup against the also democratically elected, also socialist president of Chile, Salvador Allende. As US-imposed economic sanctions deepened an economic crisis caused by industrialist strikes, retail boycotts, currency failure, lack of imports and thereafter political division and paralysis, Allende too was accused of usurpation of power by a right-wing legislature. The rest is history, or tragedy.


To staunchly reject Guaigó’s move as an external intervention isn’t to endorse everything Maduro has done. It’s true that Venezuela’s problems are dire, and the responsibility ultimately lies with the government. There’s plenty to criticise about late or misguided economic measures, corruption, and power-hoarding. None of these things can justify nor disguise a coup. Moreover, staunch refusal of this coup becomes all the more necessary now that the winds of war are being fanned with uncertain global consequences.

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Via The American Conservative

Jacob Heilbrunn comments on the Trump administration’s hawkishness on Venezuela:

But the real reason for the hugger-mugger over Venezuela may be that Trump, as is his wont, only pays attention episodically to foreign policy. He is so besotted with his new affair with Kim that he’s essentially outsourced Venezuela policy to Sen. Marco Rubio and national security adviser John Bolton, the latter of whom called Venezuela part of a ‘troika of tyranny’ in November. According to NBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Rubio has a free hand in part because ‘all this is happening with a State Department decimated by vacancies, demoralized by an unprecedented politicization of the nonpartisan foreign service, and for the last month, crippled by the government shutdown.’ Writing in the National Interest, Curt Mills, too, reports that Rubio is key: ‘Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon told me no one was more forceful in advocating for what would become the administration’s hard line.’

The administration’s hard line on Venezuela is a good example of what happens when you put an uninformed, disengaged president together with fanatical hawks with their own agendas. Much as he has done with Iran policy, Trump has allowed others with extreme ideological views to decide on the content of administration policy and he just signs off on whatever they give him. The same president who couldn’t care less about mass starvation in Yemen or extensive human rights abuses in Egypt is suddenly overcome with concern for the plight of Venezuela’s opposition and the demands of Iranian protesters. Some of this is the usual selective outrage and hypocrisy that we expect from our government, and some of it is simply that Trump has hard-liners whispering in his ear about Venezuela and Iran all the time. Especially on Cuba and Venezuela issues, the Trump administration has governed as if Rubio won the election, and that means that U.S. policy toward those countries is sure to be ideologically-driven, aggressive, and foolish.

His approach to Venezuela has been one of the clearest signs that Trump is an enemy of foreign policy restraint. In the last two years, he has repeatedly mentioned the possibility of attacking the country, his officials have been in contact with would-be coup plotters, and he has made a point of denouncing the Venezuelan government in major speeches. No one interested in foreign policy restraint agrees with any of this, and no restrainer sees Venezuela as a threat to the United States. Taking sides in an internal political dispute in Venezuela has nothing to do with putting American interests first, and a president so easily persuaded to take such an aggressive line towards a weak neighboring state doesn’t have the first clue what U.S. interests in this hemisphere are.

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Olivia Kroth
January 25, 2019

The US tried regime change in Venezuela so often, it never worked, and it will not work this time either. The Russians should take up their military base in the Venzuelan island of La Orchila immediately, station their jets and bombers there.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
February 1, 2019

The deployment of the Russian warplanes in Venezuela one week after President Nicolas Maduro’s visit to Moscow in December 2018 consists of two TU-160 long-range bombers with nuclear capability, an An-124 heavy military transport plane and an II-62 long-haul plane of the Russian aerospace forces. The message that the action sends can be seen as a strong deterrent to any military intervention in Venezuela, especially coming from US military bases in Colombia. Venezuela Minister of Defence Vladimir Padrino explained, “We must tell the people of Venezuela and the entire world that … we are also preparing to defend Venezuela to… Read more »

January 25, 2019

So, a comment directed to the the Als………… Let’s have a conversation about Trump’s “good instincts”. It’s time to acknowledge that these “instincts” results end up as a flip of a coin. And when the flipper (Trump) doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground, you have a PROBLEM. You can argue that the flip of a coin is still better than what Hillary would have brought to the table, but that is small consolation. But praising Trump for his occasional good decisions (if he would god damned stick to them) would be more palatable if you would… Read more »

January 27, 2019

The US wants the oil and gas of Venezuela, the world’s largest confirmed reserves. Trump wants to use energy as new weapon to retain/ enforce US hegemony and gain control over China and Russia by blocking export/import routes, sanctions on Russia and by controlling oil and gas price. Hence the threats to use force against Maduro and Trump’s instant recognition of Guaidó as interim leader: which is regime change to install a US vassal government.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Regula
January 27, 2019

It won’t function. The US coup in Venezuela has failed.

Shaun Ramewe
Shaun Ramewe
January 27, 2019

Dirty sneaky lying thieving coward pervert ZioYank w@nkers cannot suddenly slyly invent or fabricate a ‘terrorist’ group to pretend to fight (but actually deceitfully abet) so as to illegally invade resource-rich Venezuela (like in sovereign pro-democracy lied-about oil-wealthy Syria and Libya)!! Regime change in war-criminal Washington is decades-long overdue, as Caracas, Moscow and Beijing will exemplify here – even to the brainwashed sheeple of the fake-media mass-murdering ZOG-West.

Olivia Kroth
Reply to  Shaun Ramewe
January 28, 2019

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro talked to the military in Carabobo, reminding them of the fact that it was the Venezuelan Army that liberated Venezuela and the other Latin American states from the Spanish yoke during the times of colonization. He continued to say that now has come the time for the Venezuelan Army to ward off the US imperialists’ attempts of re-colonizing Venezuela.

Inspector of the Cosmos
Inspector of the Cosmos
January 29, 2019

Mr. Mercouris, hope that you enjoyed A legend in his own time-can be referenced-Russia Insider How they, the Russians introduced Legends (beyond bond). Anyway new assessment- Mesopotamia Three Levels of the World. 1. Old world Tiger-Japan of Hawaii, intermediary Genisis removed 6-7 nuke japan..replaced with Kilaua Madam Pele Ma’at Babi Conversly Set, New NU world Tiger Amarka Nabu of Omorka Wai Nomi, Basol Goat of Mendes 2. Gold in the Bath Greece Rome Europe Mainland England Commonwealth Old World. 7 countries 5 years jump in the Fire when you see paradise 2 levels 1959 59 years after, replaced with? Ivan… Read more »

Baal, Lord of the West, Dinger
Baal, Lord of the West, Dinger
Reply to  Inspector of the Cosmos
January 29, 2019

Mr. Mercouris if we examine the intermediary in these three positionals 6-7 nuclear reactors, lot.. Replaced with possible Ma’at, then Secondary positions develope in each of the three levels, Jihad 7 countries 5 years recent jump in the fire when you they see paradise with possibly 1959 Suzane Nuclear Faciliaty Meltdown in Paradise. as replacement, then secondary developes Horus ..Magical Birth…Then our favorite subject 1970s Soviet attempt 1st strike nuclear against China rationality for Nixon.. the intermediary structure in this level is India attempt to avenge for Eygpt dragging stones pulling man down to the ground, the directional emphasis here… Read more »

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