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CyberAttack Forces Shutdown Largest U.S. Gas Pipeline! Assault On Infrastructure

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May 15, 2021

DUH ! For a nation like the U.S. to put all it’s eggs in one basket, (regarding the transfer and resupply of fuels) is I believe suicidal. Let’s face it, none of the designers ever gave thought to the vulnerability of such a system ???? Incredible. In fact my own state in Australia has done exactly the same thing. They have built a Natural gas pipeline thousands of kilometres away, liquifying the gas and pumping it under massive pressure to the south of the state where it is sued for industry, power generation and homes. It is a vital part… Read more »

Reply to  Eddy
May 16, 2021

Hi Eddy, there is a report that was circulated about a bunch of Cyber Mechanics in Ukraine, supported by the US it appears this was the start point, of course they blame Russia for it.They also mentioned Hunter Biden is in someway involved. More info can be found onThe Saker And Moon of Alabama.Just food for thought.

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