Crying wolf one too many times. Ukraine’s Yatsenyuk in UK looking for money, but no one is listening

All of Europe is consumed with the Greek debt crisis.

The SCO is welcoming both India and Pakistan to its family of member states.

The BRICS Development bank has officially taken off.

A groundbreaking deal has been struck with Iran and P5+1 nations.

Eurasia’s new silk road is now in full swing.

And then you have Ukraine and its lowly puppet Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk running around the US and UK, hat in hand looking for any kind of hand outs, while the country Victoria Nuland entrusted him with after her “successful” coup is unraveling at break neck speed.

Begging for cash is nothing new to Yats…the big difference this time around is that his ridiculous claims about “Russian invasions” and Ukraine’s “brave sacrifice” to protect and shield Europe from Putin’s expansionist dreams are falling on deaf ears.

Simply put, Yats has cried wolf one too many times…no one is listening, no one cares, and everyone else has other problems (and opportunities) closer to home that they need to deal with.

Meanwhile back in Kiev, the economy is about to bust any day now, the Porky government is now in open conflict with neo-nazi Right sector forces…and even the poodle western main stream media cannot hide utter chaos and incompetence unfolding in yet another well planned US/neocon regime change operation.

Via Sputnik News Agency…

During a visit to the UK, Ukraine’s Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk made familiar yet false claims about Russia “posing a threat to global stability and security” and Ukraine protecting not only itself but the borders of Europe.

“Once again, we are not only protecting Ukrainian borders, we are defending the EU borders,” Yatsenyuk said on Wednesday. “We are the only troops fighting the Russian army,” he alleged, although Russia is not a party to the Ukrainian conflict.

These accusations and allegations have become a familiar tune of groundless saber-rattling for the Kiev leadership in the last months. They are often used as a pretext to ask for more help, be that financial, economic or military support for a country plagued by collapsing economy, corruption and a deadly civil war.

Yatsenyuk’s speech at Chatham House, a non-profit also known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs, was no exception. Ukraine’s prime minister said that Ukraine needs to boost its national economy through foreign investment and financial aid. Predictably, he also asked for defensive weapons.

Any reasonable leader knows that more weapons most likely will lead to more casualties (primarily civilian), more violence, more devastation and limited room for negotiations. The architects of the Minks peace process, namely Russia, Germany and France, have long made this exact point, which, it seems, still sounds alien to Yatsenyuk.


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357 Mag
357 Mag
July 16, 2015

Yeap, this is the end result when the world allows the ZioNazi infested west to meddle in world affairs, just saying.

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