Crazy US/EU backed Ukraine neo-nazi leader calls for ‘WW2 American inspired’ concentration camps for Russians [Video]

Wow…Ukraine really does have a clear understanding of how western human rights work.

The only thing left after the concentration camp idea is for another Ukraine nazi nut to suggest Kiev police begin shooting young men speaking Russian in the back…maybe then western zombie social justice warriors can promote a hashtag like #RussianLivesMatter.

Let’s listen to the western value induced ideas of Ukrainian Bratstvo (Brotherhood) party leader Dmytro Korchyncky.

Via Fort Russ…

Korchinsky called for the establishment of concentration camps for the residents of Donbass.

If Ukraine is unable to regain the lost territory by military means, then it must create uninhabitable conditions according to the principle: “So it doesn’t belong to anyone”. This was expressed live on air on TV channel “112 Ukraine” by a veteran of the “Anti-terrorist operation” and the leader of the nationalist group “Brotherhood,” Dmitry Korchinsky, who is also a founder and ex-leader of the UNA-UNSO [Ukrainian National Assembly – Ukrainian National Self-defense.]

According to him, the Ukrainian army should behave like the Americans during World War II – bomb residential neighborhoods and organize concentration camps for the Russians.

“Our teachers of democracy are Americans. During the Second World War America maintained all democratic institutions, elections, and so forth, but nevertheless several million American citizens of Japanese origin were deported to concentration camps because of war, because they threatened national security. United States, maintaining democratic standards and high level of humanism in their country, carried out a nuclear strike on Japan, bombed residential neighborhoods in Germany. 80% of cities were bombed by American aviation, the doctrine was to bomb residential neighborhoods in order to demoralize German soldiers.

Ukraine must have the widest level of freedoms, we have little freedom, we need more freedom, but in the frontal zones and on the occupied territories, we must act like the Americans. If we can’t regain the territory, they must become uninhabitable. If it can’t be ours, it wan’t be anybody’s,” – said Korchinsky.


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