Countdown to shutdown as Trump and Dems face off over border

It is very likely that there will be a partial government shutdown in the United States this coming Friday. That is because President Trump freely owns this issue, and because the Democrat leadership (and some embedded Republicans) are so invested in opposing anything the US President wants, they have truly become the “party of NO” as regards US border policy. Actually, the party is not simply the “party of NO”, it has become the party of “If Donald Trump wants it, our answer is NO.” This is exemplified here:

“He is not going to get the wall in any form…” – saith Chuck Schumer. Why? Because Trump wants it.

Parenthetically speaking, what would happen if the President did an about-face and decided to declare amnesty? This is an interesting point to consider, based on the way the opposition to Mr. Trump has been acting.

Last week, in a brilliant move by the President to show the American citizenry the nature of the Democrat leadership (and likely also to humiliate said leadership), the President had Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi come to the White House for a discussion meeting. Unbeknownst to the Dem leaders, who arrived all smiles, apparently thinking they were going to succeed at getting whatever they wanted from the “defeated” President, they were in for a rude awakening.

The President had the cameras turned on so that the meeting was broadcast, and then went to work on the leadership in classic fashion. This had both Dems so uncomfortable that Nancy actually complained about the transparency of this discussion, and Sen Schumer did not know where to look.

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