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Corbyn stumbles, Remainers confused & Boris rises to the occasion (Video)

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss Prime Minister Boris Johnson fiery speech in Parliament where cries of “Resign!” were ignored as Boris dared Remainers to try to remove him.

Johnson defended his plan to withdraw Britain from the European Union on Oct. 31, with or without a separation agreement with the EU. “I say it is time to get Brexit done,” Boris declared, accusing his opponents of trying to frustrate the will of the people, who in 2016 voted 52% to 48% to leave the EU.

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Via RT…

UK PM Boris Johnson said he believes the Supreme Court was “wrong” to rule his decision to prorogue a “paralyzed parliament” and accused the opposition of “sabotaging” Brexit, as shouts and boos rocked the House of Commons.

In a raucous statement to the Commons on Wednesday, a day after the UK’s highest court ruled his suspension of parliament “unlawful, void and of no effect,” Johnson spent minutes haranguing the opposition before addressing the court decision, defying calls to resign and daring MPs to call a no-confidece vote and general election.

Johnson slammed opposition politicians for “three years of dither and delay” and said they wanted the country to be “locked forever in the orbit of the EU.” The PM reiterated that he wanted to strike a deal with Brussels before the October 31 deadline, but that he was willing to leave “without [a deal] if necessary.”

Johnson said that he will not seek a Brexit extension, even if the conditions of a Labour Party bill mandating an extension if a deal is not reached by October 19 are met.

His speech was interrupted repeatedly by disapproving shouts from the opposition, prompting Speaker John Bercow to lash out at MPs for scandalizing the hearing and not thinking how the Parliament is perceived by people watching the session.

Johnson at one point exhorted opposition MPs to honor the memory of Labour MP Jo Cox by getting “Brexit done,” a statement that triggered howls of derision from across the chamber. Cox was a Remainer, and was shot and stabbed to death a week before the Brexit vote in 2016.

His opponents too cited Cox’ name when calling out the Prime Minister for “inflamatory language,” by framing an anti-no deal Brexit bill as a “surrender bill.” Labour MP Paula Sherriff accused Johnson of stirring up the same hatred that saw Cox murdered, to which Johnson replied “humbug” and accused her of formenting “synthetic” outrage.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn called Johnson’s speech “ten minutes of bluster” from a “dangerous” PM who “thinks he is above the law” but is “not fit” to hold office. Corbyn said the verdict represents an “extraordinary and precarious moment” in history.

Johnson accused anti-Brexit MPs of “running to the courts” to “block and delay” Brexit and said Corbyn and his party “do not trust the people.”

Corbyn also reiterated his call from Tuesday that the PM should resign, saying that “for the good of this country, [Johnson] should go.”

The shouting, name-calling and vitriolic accusations – which perhaps surpassed the usual intensity of British parliamentary squabbles – will likely pick back up tomorrow, when the House of Commons is set to debate “the principles of democracy and the rights of the electorate,” and to vote on a motion to adjourn parliament for the Conservative Party’s annual conference next week.



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I was enormously relieved to find this article. It precisely expresses my own feelings about this whole episode. As I have posted on my own site: “Much of the alternative newsmedia has evidently swallowed the hysterical denunciation of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s supposed trampling of Britain’s Democratic institutions by proroguing the UK Parliament. They ignore the fact that the anti-Brexit pro-Remain UK Parliament has voted down PM Boris Johnson’s motion to dissolve the British Parliament and call a general election! Evidently the Remain majority of the UK parliament, who are posturing as defenders of democracy fear the verdict of… Read more »

Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson

Excellent analysis. I wonder if Boris realises that he is stuck with May’s withdrawal agreement. The EU will not start trade negotiations until the issues in it (money, citizens’ rights, Irish border) are agreed. We must have a trade agreement and we will be in a very weak position. We no longer have experienced trade negotiators because for many years the EU has been doing it all for us. They know the treaties and regulations and laws backwards, and we don’t. We have the same problem with the Americans. Boris badly wants a trade deal with them and he thinks… Read more »


Jane Karlsson, Boris has made it clear that if he can’t negotiate a good deal with the EU, the UK will withdraw without any deal as more British voters than had ever voted before, voted three years ago. You should listen to Boris’s clear-headed speech embedded above and compare that to the waffle that came from Jeremy Corbyn and other Remainers in the UK House of Commons. Whilst Boris Johnson is quite happy to face electors over the issue, the Labour, Liberal Democrat, Ulster Unionist, Scottish National Party and minority of Conservative MPs voted down Boris Johnson’s motion for a… Read more »

Kriss Pike & Like
Kriss Pike & Like

Johnson is another Establishment stooge, feigning dissent with the Establishment. Just like Corbyn.
Stop kidding yourselves. You have no patriots left in the UK political landscape. Oswald Mosley and Tony Benn are dead.

Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson

Leaving without a deal does not make the problems disappear. We must have some kind of arrangement over the issues in the Withdrawal Agreement or we cannot have a trade agreement. Theresa May’s ‘deal’ wasn’t a trade deal, it was a necessary preliminary to a trade deal.

If we don’t have a trade agreement with the EU, we won’t have a trade agreement with anyone else, because other countries need to know what our arrangements with the EU will be before they commit themselves.

Kriss Pike & Like
Kriss Pike & Like

If you don’t have the relevant law specialists, you can always import some from Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, or Switzerland.
Political will is all that matters.

Kriss Pike & Like
Kriss Pike & Like

Debate on the general rights of the electorate & principles of a democracy?
Hahahahahaha. If that’s the sort of thing being debated in 2019 UK, politicians there have absolutely no business lecturing other countries about democracy or lack thereof.


None of those posts which dispute my original post, address the plain fact that the “establishment stooge” Prime Minister Boris Johnson tried to call a general election. This was voted down by the Lib-Dems, the SNP and the Labour Party. Clearly they don’t want to be made to answer to British voters for their conduct in trying to bury the Brexit referendum vote of 3 years ago.

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