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Coptic Christians slaughtered in Egypt on pilgrimage to monastery

Egypt’s Coptic Christians once again find themselves under attack from radical Islamists.

Today, at least 28 were killed and over 26 were injured when terrorists shot at Christians on a pilgrimage to the Anba Samuel Monastery near the city of Minya.

Between 8 and 10 heavily armed terrorists surrounded the bus in trucks before opening fire and slaughtering the unarmed Christian martyrs.

On Palm Sunday of this year, multiple attacks on Christian churches throughout Egypt killed over 44 people.

No terrorist group has thus far claimed responsibility by the Hasm Movement which is loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood are suspected of carrying out the attack.

Recent reports have shown that ISIS have been taking a strong foothold in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. Attacks on Christians in Egypt became common after the Muslim Brotherhood took power for a brief period between 2012 and 2013.

Even though secular rule has been restored under President Sisi, ISIS and other anti-Christian groups continue to wage genocidal attacks on Egypt’s ancient Christian communities.

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