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CONFIRMED: USA becomes first state to recognise Jerusalem/Al-Quds as Israeli capital

Donald Trump has confirmed the highly anticipated move by the US.

US President Donald Trump has given a short statement at the White House, during which he confirmed that Washington will begin to recognise the holy city of Jerusalem/Al-Quds as the Israeli capital.

No country in the world currently recognises the city as an Israeli capital. Nations with normal diplomatic relations with Israeli politicians, instead conduct their activity in Tel Aviv.

World leaders had warned Trump that such a deeply scandalous move would inflame regional tensions and insult the sensibilities of millions around the globe.

World unites to condemn Trump over Jerusalem/Al-Quds scandal

Turkey’s President Erdogan has given one of the strongest statements of any head of state, on the matter, saying Ankara would consider severing longstanding diplomatic ties with Tel Aviv.

Turkey threatens to cut ties with Israel

Trump nevertheless ceased to listen to secular and spiritual leaders and take the move. During his short statement, he said that the US will support a peace process that Palestinian and Israeli representatives negotiate between themselves but that Washington will no longer be in the business of offering concrete proposals.

In this sense, while Trump’s move has inflamed tensions and set the peace process back, perhaps decades, it also would appear to indicate that the US is now washing its hands of any role in facilitating peace in the region.

Saeb Erekat, the Secretary General of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation has said that the speech has effectively killed the so-called “two state soluation” which Palestine has for decades, accepted as a a basis for peace negotiations.

Saeb Erekat said,

“He (Trump) destroyed the two-state solution.

As a chief Palestinian negotiator, how can I sit with these people if they dictate on me the future of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital”.

Protests have broken out throughout the world in anticipation of the address. It is thought that many more will continue now that the move has become official.

Now watch Donald Trump’s announcement in full:

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