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CONFIRMED: Suicide bomber kills dozens in Britain

Last night, a deadly and tragic terrorist attack claimed the lives of 22 people, many who were very young, at Britain’s Manchester Arena. Over 59 are currently reported injured. These numbers may yet rise.

The attack was almost certainly ISIS inspired as it had all the hallmarks of such an attack. For those mourning the dead, whether it was a direct ‘order’ given from Raqqa or more likely a crazed ISIS inspired fanatic with a home-made explosive, this devilish detail will matter little.

Police say that the attack was carried out by a lone suicide bomber. 

The timing of the event, weeks before a British Parliamentary election, is a further sign that the attack was perpetrated by someone sympathetic to an ISIS or al-Qaeda style Salafist/Wahhabist group, as such groups often seek to disrupt civic order before such events.

But the most worrying thing of all is that even as of 08.20 Moscow time, much of the western MSM had not even used the word ‘terrorism’.

On the BBC website report of the incident, the word terrorism was used only once (as of 08.20 Moscow time) and this was in the context of quoting an ‘anti-terrorism’ official.

What’s worse is that even as it became clear that there were multiple deaths and scores of injuries from the attack, the mainstream media were still peddling a series of ludicrous theories as to the nature of the explosion.

By far the most ludicrous was the theory that the blast was from a ‘blown-speaker’.

Just whose intelligence are they insulting? At the very worst a blown-speaker would have resulted in ears ringing and a possible headache for those in the near vicinity to the speaker and this is the worst case scenario.

An equally ludicrous theory peddled by the MSM was that ‘a balloon had popped’. How many people have every been severely injured or killed during a ‘severe balloon incident’?

Other MSM sources were even more odd in their response,

The fact is that such carnage could only be caused by terrorism or a severe structural malfunction and given that the building in question is modern and has had no previous such issues, that rather narrows it done, especially according to real anti-terrorist experts who suspected a suicide bomb attack.

Furthermore, this confirmed attack means that we’re living in the ludicrous situation wherein it is now easier to sneak a bomb into a large arena that it is to attempt and sneak in a large pizza, purchased outside of the venue.

Bag checks, pat-downs and even full body scans are now common in most large arenas. If indeed such security measures were employed last night, a lot will have to be answered for, including the possibility of an attack conducted with the assistance of private security personnel who in countries like Britain have no where near the qualifications of  even a junior police officer.

Of course, this kind of terrorism is easy to condemn. It is more difficult, even now, for many to realise the dangers of the hypocrisy implicit in governments like that of Britain, supporting terrorist groups in Syria (including NSA and various al-Qaeda affiliates and off-shoots) while fearing their actions on the domestic front.

Furthermore, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad warned that such events are not only possible but probable when, one supports terrorism in the Middle East while fearing it at home. He also warned that accepting ‘refugees’ at face value will almost certainly expose western countries to terrorism from individuals battle hardened in the terrorist assault on the secular government of the Syrian Arab Republic.

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If western governments haven’t listened before, they will almost certainly not listen now. If mainstream media are so reticent to even say the word ‘terrorism’ when hardly any other logical explanation is possible, it says a lot about the un-conscious shame that the establishment water carriers harbour.

Furthermore, if the event was a Salafist attack on Syrians in Syria, the MSM would have likely called it a military operation by a ‘moderate rebel’, rather than what it is: a violent terrorist attack.

Finally, it is beyond doubt that this terrorist attack had nothing to do with Iran nor with Syria. It almost certainly had something to do with the forces that Iran and Syria are on the battle field fighting. This attack is a product of the harsh realities stemming from failed domestic policies and manifestly wrong foreign policies

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