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CONFIRMED: Russia to build energy turbines domestically

Originally published on RussiaFeed

Of the many knock-on benefits of western sanctions against Russia, Russia’s drive towards further industrial and agricultural independence has been chiefly important.

Russia recently got into a row with the European Union which has taken a stance that Moscow calls ‘illegal’. Russia recently ordered energy turbines from the Germany company Siemens. The turbines were successfully delivered to Russia where they were later installed by Russian engineers.

However, due to the fact that they were installed in Russia’s Crimea, the European Union claimed the move violated Brussels’ sanctions against European companies doing business in Crimea.

As The Duran reported,

“By allowing the small and often times backward economies of Eastern Europe to define an increasingly self-defeating policy which fails to accept that Crimea is as it has been for most of modern history, part of Russia, the EU is setting itself up for a situation that will hurt only its own economy.

If the US enforces its sanctions which would prohibit European companies form going through with existing commercial endeavours with Russian firms, it would behove Europe to end its own sanctions against Russia in order to gain leverage in a trade war with the United States that some European officials believe is forthcoming.

If the EU continues to pick and choose sanctions, it will realise that when compared to Russia and the United States, it has little geo-political clout in spit of its economic strength which relies mostly on Germany in any case.

The EU can choose Russia or the United States and perhaps in the future, a bit of both. It simply cannot choose neither, but if the US and EU continue to be at loggerheads over Washington’s sanctions and Brussels continues to value the Eastern European love affair with Ukrainian fascism more than simple market economics, the European Union will end up isolating itself on all sides of its economy.

Who could be so foolish as to wish that upon one’s self?”

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Rather than get embroiled in Europe’s war with its own contradictory opinions, Russia has decided to produce its own energy turbines both for the large internal market and for export.

Sputnik reports,

“Russia’s Power Machines engineering company is ready to return to the development of a domestically-manufactured gas turbine on condition of state support, CEO Yuri Petrenya told Sputnik.

According to Petrenya, the company used to work on development of such equipment, having designed and manufactured a gas turbine using its own technologies.

‘In principle, Power Machines is ready to return to this project on condition of certain support, including by the government, which will allow to outline potential customers of domestic gas turbines,’ Petrenya said”.

This is a further signal of Russia’s ability and willingness to produce domestically what otherwise Russia would have brought from abroad. This move will be good for the growing Russian economy and naturally not good for foreign competitors losing out on a lucrative market.

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CONFIRMED: Russia to build energy turbines domestically

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