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CONFIRMED: Australia suspends airstrikes over Syria

Royal Australian Air Force security force members pose with the RAAF ensign (bottom) and Commonwealth of Australia flag at Multinational Base Tarin Kot, Afghanistan, March 31, 2013. This marked the 92nd birthday of the RAAF, which was founded March 31, 1921. (U.S. Army photo by Sgt. Jessi Ann McCormick)

The Royal Australian Air Force  which participates in the US led coalition in Syria has confirmed that it is suspending its participation in all airstrikes over Syria due to safety concerns arising from Russia halting its Flight Safety Memorandum with the US and its allies in light of Russia’s strong condemning of the US downing of a Syrian jet in Syrian airspace.

Australia released a statement saying,

“As a precautionary measure, Australian Defence Force (ADF) strike operations into Syria have temporarily ceased.

ADF personnel are closely monitoring the air situation in Syria and a decision on the resumption of ADF air operations in Syria will be made in due course.

Australian Defence Force protection is regularly reviewed in response to a range of potential threat”.

Australia will continue to participate in airstrikes in Iraq, a conflict in which Russia is not involved.

Clearly, someone in Australia is worried that there might be a bigger US-Russia conflict in Syria that Australia wants no part in.

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