CNN commentator Ana Navarro busted editing photo to prove Trump sexism

Ana Navarro edited photo in order to trash Trump.

CNN’s “conservative” useful idiot Ana Navarro was busted editing a photo in her obsession to try and trash POTUS Trump.

Navarro proves once again that liberals, and fake conservatives, will do anything to affirm their hate for Trump, including manipulating news so as to deliver an outcome that confirms their beliefs.

The Gateway Pundit reports that on Sunday morning Ana Navarro – a Hillary Clinton supporter – ripped President Trump and Republicans in a racist and sexist tweet.

Navarro attacked the “orangey” hues of President Trump and accused him of only meeting with “10 old straight white men” at Camp David.

Problem with Navarro’s claim was the fact that the original photo was discovered and contains a woman. Navarro edited out the woman in the photo to confirm her beliefs about Trump, and gain some virtue signaling bonus points with her tweet.

Via Red State Watching and Alter Yeshiva:

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