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China issues strong warning to US and North Korea on possible eve of war

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has made a warning directed at both the United States and the two Korean states in an attempt to calm tensions during what looks like an increasingly intense march to war. The Chinese Foreign Minister warned,

Lately, tensions have risen with the US and the ROK [South Korea] on one side, and the DPRK [North Korea] on the other….One has the feeling that a conflict could break out at any moment”.

He went on to describe a war between the US and North Korea as a lose-lose situation in which the country who started the conflict,

“…must assume the historic responsibility and pay the corresponding price”.

Russia has joined China in calls for calm and a diplomatic solution to the largely artificial crisis.

China and Russia are increasingly looking like the most mature powers in the region, urging restraint from both highly bellicose sides.

If North Korea and the United States started to engage in open war, it would be the first hot war between nuclear powers since the short Kargil War between India and Pakistan in 1999.

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