Catalan wants out of Spain. Catalan parliament gives the green light for November vote

Now that all eyes are off Scotland, the world can now shift its focus a few thousand miles south to Catalonia and their fight for independence. Unlike Scotland, which had the UK’s blessing in moving ahead with the vote, Spain is none too pleased with Catalan’s secessionist desires.
Irregardleass of Madrid’s position on the matter, the Catalan parliament has moved ahead and passed a law giving its regional president the power to carry out a non-binding consultation vote on secession from Spain.
This law paves the way for holding a much anticipated and long-awaited independence referendum, slated for November 9th.
The Catalan parliament strongly voted in favor of the new law, with 106 MPs supporting it and 28 voting against.
Spain does not recognise the Catalan parliaments latest moves and insists that the entire process is just for show. RT reports:

The Spanish government called the Catalan consultation vote illegal and said it will be taking the matter up at the Constitutional Court. The court has the power to suspend the vote after it hears the case on Tuesday.
Madrid maintains that any kind of secession vote has to be decided by the whole country, citing Spain’s 1978 constitution.

And like Scotland to UK…Catalonia is of vital importance to Spain. Aside from being the location of Barcelona, the autonomous region of Catalonia has a population of 7.5 million and accounts for about one-quarter of Spain’s GDP.
At least 1.8 million people gathered in Barcelona on September 12 to form an 11km red-yellow line and show their support for the upcoming independence referendum.

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September 20, 2014

@redpilltimes Catalonia have always wanted out of Spain. They might let them now because they are all just states of Europe anyhow.

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