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What is the connection between an Australia Catholic priest and the #MeToo Movement?

On the face of it, not a lot, but anyone can be falsely accused of any crime, and in the age of social media, anyone who has an Internet presence probably has. If you don’t believe that statement, run the names of a few minor celebrities through your search engine coupled with the words rape, murder, paedophile…and see what comes up.

A police investigation usually begins with an allegation or some sort of complaint; an allegation of historical sexual abuse may begin likewise, but what happens when the media or worse still the police go trawling for victims? When after an initial complaint they invite other “survivors” to “come forward” and point the finger at the accused or perhaps simply people associated with the accused?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, it is Operation Yewtree in the UK, or the witch-hunt of Catholic priests in the United States.

Sex crimes including against the young are real, no one should be under any illusion about that, but allegations of sex crimes dating back years or decades are notoriously difficult to disprove, and with the cult of believing the victim, they need to be disproved.

As Treasurer to the Vatican, Cardinal George Pell was the number three man in the Catholic Church. A controversial figure who has made more enemies than friends, he was accused and convicted of crimes that were physically impossible, not the first person of either sex to be so convicted in this supposedly so modern age. This month, his conviction was overturned by the highest court in Australia.

Recently, he sat down with Andrew Bolt for a no holds barred interview. Before you believe another “survivor”, listen to what George Pell has to say.

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April 22, 2020

I always thought Pell was charged with the wrong charge. Had it been aiding and abetting other priests in a conspiracy to cover-up sexual assault crimes he would have gone down for life. Knowing what I know including the mistakes the defence did in executing a robust cross-examination of the poor defendant (it pissed off the jury) I did expect a guilty verdict and a failed attempt at the CCA. However, I had faith in the High Court to release him on points of law. Which to no surprise they did. His original guilty verdict in Victoria left me uneasy.… Read more »

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