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Candace Owens at hearing on Confronting White Supremacy

Kathleen Belew demonstrates how free speech can be ugly in a self righteous and supercilious scolding of Candice Owen.  The democrat Chair gags Candice by denying her the opportunity to reply.  Mr Meadows and Mr Jordan give up their time to Candice who delivers a lethal rebuttal.  Ms Belew’s and Ms Mulligan’s smug glow drains from their faces.

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September 8, 2020

America in it’s design was supposed to be a second Europe,I believe it’s racism has it’s origins in the fear that on racial mixing would produce the results as in Latin America where the Iberian whites intermingled with natives,but it must be said that even the most ardent European white imperialist in say the 19th or early 20th century, and visitors to the USA and ardent believers of the racial superiority of white Europeans over the non white multitudes were horrified at the treatment of blacks ,and I may say something controversial that got deleted on yahoo comments,during the third… Read more »

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