Calls for an investigation into Linda Sarsour’s sexual assault cover up scandal intensify

NY Democrat calls for an investigation into allegations Linda Sarsour enabled sexual assault

Yesterday RPT reported that the woman behind the DC Women’s March, Linda Sarsour, has been accused of enabling the alleged sexual assault of a woman who worked for the activist, according to the victim and two sources directly familiar with the matter.

To make matters worse, when Sarsour found out about the abuse she threatened the accuser with legal and professional damage if she went public with the sexual assault claims.

According to a report by The Daily Caller…

Allegations of groping and unwanted touching were allegedly brought to Sarsour during her time as executive director of the Arab American Association. In response, Sarsour, a self-proclaimed champion of women, attacked the woman bringing the allegations, often threatening and body-shaming her, these sources alleged.

The Gateway Pundit reports that Linda Sarsour told the woman, Asmi Fathelbab she wasn’t attractive enough to be sexually harassed and it was impossible this particular man would do such a think given he’s a “good Muslim”.

Sarsour then threatened “legal damage,” if she dared to go public with the allegations. Nothing says feminist like a Sharia law activist who intimidates a woman for bravely reporting being sexually assaulted.

Dov Hikind, a Democrat State Assemblyman from Brooklyn, New York is calling for an investigation into allegations Linda Sarsour covered up the sexual assault of her staff members.

Hikind said in a statement…

“If Linda Sarsour enabled the sexual assault & harassment of a woman who worked for her, as alleged, this should concern everyone. Women everywhere should be demanding an investigation into these charges.”

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December 21, 2017

What do I think? I think this article is a waste of intellectual effort, and my time. If Red Pill doesn’t find something worth writing about then Red Pill is going to be swallowing its own red pill.

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