Buzzfeed wants to ban all cars in big cities to deal with terror attacks

BuzzFeed Says “Ban All Cars From Big Cities”

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova (L) and Maria Alekhina members of the Russian punk rock band Pussy Riot pose for photographs at Amnesty International UK headquarters in East London on November 14, 2014, before speaking at a reception with activists who campaigned for their release from prison. AFP PHOTO / ANDREW COWIE (Photo credit should read ANDREW COWIE/AFP/Getty Images)

Fake news cat video website Buzzfeed has found the solution to stop terrorism in cities. Ban all cars.

The Gateway Pundit reports…

In a newly penned and published op-ed Buzzfeed is suggesting that we “ban all cars from big cities” less than a week after an Islamic extremist drove a Home Depot rental truck into a crowd of people in Manhattan.

Because why would we ever better our immigration policy, extreme vetting, or reevaluations to national security if we just make cars illegal, right?!

Far-left trash-pile Ben Smith, BuzzFeed’s editor-in-chief, tweeted out the insane story earlier today:

Here is an excerpt from the Buzzfeed article that claims terrorists that scream “Allahu akbar” are not as big a threat as cars in the city…

In the coming days, politicians will try to convince you that what happened on the West Side Highway in Manhattan this week was an issue of terrorism, immigration, or religion. But just like the plague of mass shootings is a gun problem, the thousands of people killed by cars as they walk our streets every year is a car problem.

A gun lobbyist would typically step in right about now to ask whether those who demand gun control after mass shootings also want to ban cars after events like this week. To which I say: Hell yes. Cars don’t belong on the streets of big cities, and we should do everything in our power to get rid of them.

You can’t stop crazy. But you can reduce the number of people allowed to drive their 4,000 pound bumachines into city parks, along city beaches, past playgrounds, and alongside the sidewalks of the most pedestrian-packed places in the nation. If we banned cars from every city in the US tomorrow, we would stop vehicular terrorism overnight — and save thousands of lives.

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Anthony Garnet Philip Ferreira
Anthony Garnet Philip Ferreira
November 5, 2017

Why don’t they just ban people? Then the cities would be 100% safe!

capt planit
capt planit
Reply to  Anthony Garnet Philip Ferreira
November 6, 2017

I vote for banning this ‘ Buzzfeed ‘ guy right now…save us from fake news in all areas.

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