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BREAKING: Suicide attack on humanitarian bus convoy kills 70 near Aleppo (graphic images)

Tragedy has struck Syria a a suicide attack kills and injures civilians being evacuated from the embattled towns of Fua and Kefraya to Aleppo. The current death toll stands at 70 with 130 people injured. Among the dead, more than half are thought to be children. The number of casualties is expected to rise as more information comes in.

The attack took place near a bus convoy taking 5,000 besieged Shi’a Syrians away from the Shi’a majority towns of Fua and Kefraya into Aleppo city.

According to a witness,

“A suicide bomber blew himself up in car in Rashidin near a petrol station, where buses with the Fua and Kefraya residents stopped. There are dead and wounded”.

At the time of the explosion, the bus was in Rashidin, just outside of Aleppo.

The evacuation of Shi’a Muslims from Fua and Kefraya, both in Idlib Governorate, is part of a humanitarian mission to assist residents of Idlib, which is mostly in the control of Salifist terrorist groups.

Shi’a Muslims as well as Christians are among the main targets of groups like FSA, ISIS and various off-shoots of al-Qaeda such as the infamous al-Nusrea front.

In spite of a deal struck with terrorists to allow for the safe evacuation of some civilians, many of these efforts have met with armed resistance.

Today’s deadly attack on unarmed civilians is the most strident example of terrorists trying to thwart the attempts to evacuate civilians from Idlib.

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