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BREAKING: Spanish Constitutional Court suspends Catalan Parliament session

Madrid continues to exercise a heavy handed approach towards Catalonia.

The regional Parliament of Catalonia is to meet Monday to discuss the results of the October 1st independence referendum. The Catalan leader, Carles Puigdemont has suggested that Catalonia may officially declare independence from Spain, in line with the overwhelming ‘Yes’ vote during the recent independence referendum. It is thought that such a  declaration will be made during the Parliamentary session.

Just now, the Spanish Constitutional Court in Madrid has declared a suspension of the Catalan Parliament’s session scheduled for Monday, in a move that may lead to the full abolition of the body’s powers from Madrid’s perspective.

This has happened shortly after Puigdemont declared his willingness to hold discussions with Madrid about de-escalating tensions. Madrid’s Constitutional Court is blamed by many Catalans and international observers, for worsening tensions between Barcelona and Madrid, as it was the Constitutional Court which previously invalidated many elements of the 2006 regional autonomy that the then, left leaning Spanish government gave to Catalonia.

In spite of international calls for mediation, Madrid is clearly maintaining a hardline stance against Catalonia.



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