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BREAKING: President Trump extends Russian sanctions for another year

BREAKING: President Trump extends Russian sanctions for another year

In a letter that is required under the National Emergencies Act, US President Donald Trump notified the Congress that the White House will continue treating the situation in Ukraine as “an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States” as it was defined by an executive order given by previous US President Barack Obama in 2014.

This plus the recent addition on 22 February of 21 individuals and nine companies to the US Sanctions list, shows the continued foreign policy direction of the United States as more of the same. There was no related comment released thus far that shows any reaction of the Trump Administration to the extraordinary speech given by Russian President Vladimir Putin yesterday concerning extremely highly advanced new weapons technologies already said to be deployed in Russia.

This is a breaking piece of news and more information is expected in time, but it does not seem to be anything other than what is expected. The United States foreign policy stance towards Russia continues to be influenced by an unreasonable narrative, and most of the people that foment that narrative are still in place. Further, the investigation into the matter of election meddling and / or collusion between the Trump Administration and the Russian government continues, and in this political climate, although the US President has shown reluctance to really hammer Russia, he has at least gone along and sometimes stated policy decisions with reference to showing toughness with the Russian Federation.

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