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Israeli airstrike starts large fire near Damascus airport

Large fires have broken out near Damascus Airport after weapons strikes were reported during the night. The strikes were said to have targeted a munitions arsenal which subsequently burst into flame.

Some reports have suggested an airstrike while others have suggested a ground bombing attack.

Al-Masdar has reported that Israeli war jets struck the region causing the fire and provided the following video of the alleged strike.

Sources close to Hezbollah say that their storage depot was the target of the attack. Israel has typically justified its attacks on Syria, including attacks on the Syrian Arab Army, as attacks designed to weaken Hezbollah, a group which Israel and the United States name as terrorists but Russia, Iran and Syria do not.

If these reports are correct it would represent yet another illegal Israeli attack on Syria. This comes days after ISIS issued an apology to Israel for accidentally firing on its troops in the occupied Golan Heights.

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A Reuters report suggested that a terrorist group, possibly an Al-Qaeda affiliate or the Turkish backed jihadist group FSA were responsible. The report cited ‘Syrian rebel sources’, which is generally a western code-word for various Salifist terrorist groups operating illegally in Syria. Al-Qaeda off-shoots and the FSA are known to operate in the area of the blast.

Israel later confirmed that they did strike the arsenal near Damascus airport.

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