Breaking: Palestinian Football Association drops bid to ban Israel from FIFA. Surprised?

The Russian navy destroyer Vice Admiral Kulakov on patrol in eastern Mediterranean on Thursday, Jan. 21, 2016. Russian warships equipped with an array of long-range missiles cruise off Syria's coast to back the air campaign in Syria and project Moscow's naval power in the Mediterranean. (AP Photo/Vladimir Isachenkov)

The President of the Palestinian Football Association, Jibril al-Rajoub (while speaking at the FIFA congress) said he wanted to find a “responsible solution” to the issue, as opposed to “scoring points.”

The FA president added that he thinks “it is right” to ban Israel, but that “a lot of colleagues” had expressed “how painful it is for them to hear, in this (football) family, to hear the issue of suspension.”

We are 100% sure that al-Rajoub was not at all influenced (or scared to death) by the US corruption arrests made the other day.

Next up…

  1. Remove Blatter as President
  2. Take away 2018 World Cup from Russia and move it to England
  3. Focus in on what to do with Qatar 2022

Via Jerusalem Post…

The head of the Palestinian Football Association announced on Friday that he has decided to drop a bid to suspend Israel from FIFA for the meantime.

Addressing the FIFA’s Congress, Jabril Rajoub demanded the creation on a committee to ensure his requests are met concerning Israel’s regulation of movement by Palestinian soccer players.

Earlier Friday, representatives at the FIFA Congress reported that Israel was working to close a deal to avoid a vote on the Palestinian suspension proposal from the world soccer organization.

Members of the Israeli and Palestinian delegations to the FIFA Congress used the 90-minute lunch break to try and broker a deal to avoid bringing the proposed suspension of Israel from the organization to a vote.


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