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BREAKING: Iraq authorises troop deployment in Kirkuk

Kirkuk is being claimed by Kurdish secessionists even though it is not part of existing autonomous Kurdish regions of Iraq.

Of the many controversial elements surrounding this week’s Kurdish separatist referendum in Iraq, the inclusion of the oil rich region of Kirkuk was among the most controversial.

Kirkuk has never been a part of autonomous Kurdish regions in Iraq, but in spite of this, the secessionist Kurdish leaders included Kirkuk in areas where Kurds voted to secede from Iraq. Crucially, the referendum was boycotted by Kirkuk’s non-Kurdish populations, including Iraqi Arabs.

After giving secessionist leaders a three day ultimatum to handover regional airports to Iraqi authorities, Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider Abadi now has a parliamentary mandate to send Iraqi troops into Kirkuk to police the general security against secessionist activities.

Turkey and Iraq are currently conducting joint military exercises on the Turkish side of the border. Turkey’s President Erdogan has warned Kurds of the dire consequences of separatism including a Turkish economic embargo. Turkey may likely cross the border with its troops in the coming days.

Inclusion of Kirkuk in Kurdish Referendum to result in ‘bloodbath,’ says Turkish Minister


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samo war
samo war
September 27, 2017

start world war 3 ?

Keith Smith
Keith Smith
September 27, 2017

If the kurds want oil, why dont they set up companies and buy the stuff? Why try and ‘fight’ for it? they are allowed to have money, they are allowed to get in planes,they are allowed to do business.

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