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BREAKING: Iranian President Rouhani re-elected

BREAKING: Iranian President Rouhani re-elected

The final tally is in and incumbent Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has won a second term.

Rouhani won comfortably with over 58% of all votes cast. His nearest rival, the conservative/populist Ebrahim Raisi received 39%.

Although Rouhani’s opponents had been critical of his perceived lethargy in economic matters as well as saying he did not do enough to help Iran’s poor, ultimately the moderate candidate who has been a steadfast supporter of Syria’s war against terrorism won.

Rouhani is seen as a force for stability who has increased Iran’s prestige throughout the Middle East due to it’s commitment to fighting terrorism and its steadfast opposition to Saudi and Israeli aggression.

Rouhani has strengthened Iran’s ties with both Syria and Russia while Iran looks set to participate actively in China’s One Belt–One Road trade initiative.

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It is imperative that in his second term, Rouhani builds on his international successes at home and strengthens the Iranian economy which at the moment is largely seen as his weakest area.

Overall though, Iranians voted for stability, predictability, moderation at home and strength abroad over populism at home and a less predictable foreign policy.

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