It was bound to happen. Japanese company offers solo weddings for "strong and independent" women

As the main stream media and neo-liberal elite champion the disposability of men and the rise of a “strong independent” women super elite, much of the consequences of such destructive action are just now starting to surface. Nowhere is the sociological devastation brought upon us by feminist dogma more eye-popping than in Japan.
Quoting a reddit user describing the situation taking place in Japan:

For those who are unaware, Japan is going through a so-called “Herbivore Men” crisis. Herbivore Men are essentially MGTOW and choose to work and come home to enjoy otaku hobbies. Many Japanese women are hitting the wall but it’s not like the west, men just don’t care anymore.
Well, now they’re starting to make money off this trend. As we know, weddings aren’t about unifying two people together forever, it’s purely a day where the wife can bask in the validation and envy of others. This business offers the pre-wedding ceremony makeover, the photos, flowers and a “honeymoon” afterwards.

It’s a sad plot twist to the failed neo-liberal policies unleashed unto much of the “westernised planet” that mandate the marginalization, villainization, and eventual incarceration of the male gender.
The Daily Mail UK reports with an ironic sense of excitement…

Do you dream of having a white wedding, but despair at the lack of a man in your life to share the big day with?
You’re not alone – a new trend is cropping up in the Far East for solo weddings.
As women become financially independent, they are putting off settling down with partners until later on in life.
But they still want the all-about-me no-expense-spared party that comes with getting hitched, without actually having to tie the knot.
Travel company Cera Travel in Kyoto, a city in southern Japan, has started a new service called ‘Solo Wedding.’
It lets single women enjoy all the fun and glamour of the day, including spending the honeymoon night in a fancy hotel.
The two-day trip sees the clients get dress fittings, choose their own bouquets, get their hair and make-up done and even choose a man to accompany them for a photo shoot.
The service started in June and is aimed at single, working women who have decided to pursue careers instead of follow the traditional Japanese route of getting married.
It is also being marketed at women who have been divorced but want to feel special again.

So far ten women have taken up the offer, which runs around $2,750. We are certain that the market for such a service will only grow as more men check out of a world that treats them like second class citizens.

A spokesman for the company said: ‘It is a truly unique experience and one that we are very proud of.
Businesswoman Nagi Daisen, 43, said: ‘I’ve been in a relationship for years but we’ve never got round to actually getting married. So I decided to do this for myself and it was amazing fun.’
‘I always wanted to wear a wedding dress and to be pampered like this and now I have been. It was great.’

This comment from a reddit user sarcastically sums up the state of things to come in Japan, and then the rest of society’s touch by ‘western ideals’

I’m guessing the divorce rate is still 50%.


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October 31, 2014

@redpilltimes “its something I wanted to do for myself” my wife said the same when she planned a Caymans trip while we were in bankruptcy

November 1, 2014

RT @redpilltimes: It was bound to happen. Japanese company offers solo weddings for “strong and independent” women

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