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Bolton, Vindman twins & NYT conspire to damage Trump during Senate trial (Video)

The Duran Quick Take: Episode 447.

The Duran’s Alex Christoforou and Editor-in-Chief Alexander Mercouris discuss the latest “bombshell” leak (and soon to be latest bombshell dud) via John Bolton’s tell-all book, where the neocon warmonger claims that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine until Zelensky agreed to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.

The newest bombshell dud was leaked by the New York Times, as Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman (twin brother of the ‘almost three time Ukraine Defense Minister’, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman) was in charge of reviewing Bolton’s book at the NSC.

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Via Breitbart News…

A source close to the Trump administration informs Breitbart News that Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, a senior ethics lawyer for the National Security Council (NSC), is in charge of reviewing all publications by current and former NSC officials.

The official added that Yevgeny Vindman could have seen former National Security Advisor John Bolton’s draft manuscript after it was submitted for prepublication review at the end of December.

The review is a standard process that allows the NSC to review book manuscripts, op-eds, or any other material for any classified material to be eliminated before publication.

The New York Times reported Sunday evening that Bolton’s draft book manuscript, which had been submitted to the NSC for prepublication review on Dec. 30, alleged that President Trump told Bolton in August 2019 that he wanted to withhold security assistance to Ukraine until it agreed to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden, among others.

It was not clear if the Times had seen the Bolton manuscript; its sources were “multiple people” who “described Mr. Bolton’s account of the Ukraine affair.”

Bolton’s lawyer, Chuck Cooper, issued a statement in which he said: “It is clear, regrettably, from The New York Times article published today that the prepublication review process has been corrupted.” He did not confirm or deny the Times‘ reporting on the content of the manuscript.

Yevegeny Vindman is the identical twin brother of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who is one of Democrats’ key witnesses in the impeachment of President Donald Trump. The brothers have offices across from each other.

Alexander Vindman told the House Intelligence Committee in his closed-door deposition that he told his brother, Yevgeny, about President Trump’s July 25th call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

In November, Yevgeny Vindman attended his brother’s public testimony at the House impeachment inquiry.

The Wall Street Journal described Vindman as “an NSC lawyer handling ethics issues.” Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman described his brother as the “lead ethics official” at the NSC. A U.S. Office of Government Ethics web page, updated on Friday, identifies Yevegeny Vindman as the “Alternate Designated Agency Ethics Official” for the NSC.

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January 28, 2020

Trump should have drained the swamp in his first year, as he promised. Instead, he brought too many of the swamp monsters into his inner circle. Has he now learned a lesson?

Reply to  Janet
January 28, 2020

Its going to be his final lesson. He’s gone. If this doesn’t do it, they will trot out someone else. Bolton has ZERO credibility, that DOES NOT MATTER. This is a coup, and its not the dumbass dems pushing it, its those behind the curtain. The US cannot and will not be led by a President that is not under the thumb of the CFR, that will NEVER be allowed to happen again. And you dems can forget about Bernie in 2020 for the same reasons. Just face it, get over it, he will NEVER, EVER, in a MILLION years… Read more »

January 28, 2020

When Trump didn’t back up Flynn, that set the tone for what is now playing out. I wasn’t a fan of Flynn but (in my view) the “flexible” loyalty that Trump displayed regarding that “incident” cemented to me that Trump was going to be “played” every which way by the swamp. He is not a “stable genius” but has delusions of grandeur and competence. The tragic (for America especially) thing is that the alternative was even worse. I only hope that the collapse of the American empire ends with a whimper, not a bang. Let’s try to contain this clown… Read more »

January 28, 2020

If Trump attempts, or even suggests that he will try to block the publication of Bolton’s book with an injunction, he will be called a dictator. Legality, morality and ethics have long since ceased to play any role in political discourse in the US. Its a totalitarian police state, and has been for some time. Trump “snuck under the radar”, the assumption (as anyone with a memory longer than 3 years KNOWS) was that he would self-destruct in the primary, and by the time that didn’t happen, it was too late, they couldn’t react quickly enough. This was NEVER supposed… Read more »

January 28, 2020

Its a false assumption that Trump “hires” these people. Yes, that’s the public façade, but that’s NOT how it actually works. Anyone that believes Trump “has an HR problem” is delusional about how corrupt the American political system is, and has been for a very long time. Kennedy had the exact same problem, with people like McGeorge Bundy (who was complicit in his killing) and Henry Cabot Lodge. These people are PLACED around every POTUS to make sure they do as they are told, and cannot go off the deep state reservation. Read “JFK and the Unspeakable”. Obama got a… Read more »

January 28, 2020

John Bolton writing a book? I didn’t know he’s a mystery novel + fiction author.

January 29, 2020

If Bolton testifies, couldn’t they release the entire transcript of his book in the record? That way he will not be able to make any money off the book as the contents would be available in the public record. That would be a way of screwing him back.

Poul Gundersen
Poul Gundersen
January 29, 2020

Pat Lang Asserts, ‘Bolton Bombshell’ Comes from Covert Warfare Center, and Wants FISA Judge Impeached Jan. 28 (EIRNS)—As the “Bolton bombshell” dominates the airwaves, military intelligence official Col. Pat Lang (ret.) charged that “there is an operations center or ‘war room’ somewhere that researches political vulnerabilities and serves them up seriatim to ‘the resistance.’ ” He specified: “As a former practitioner on behalf of the U.S. government of similar dark arts in covert warfare, I recognize this pattern of behavior.” That pattern is: “Since the day Trump was inaugurated there have been continuous and unending propaganda and political warfare themes… Read more »

January 29, 2020

Bolton was given his chance with the attempted coup in Venezuela. Look at the timing. His neocon fingerprints are all over a number of US provocations that occurred during his brief tenure. When the Guiado coup fizzled, the US looked impotent in the face of a rather hapless President Maduro, whose popularity and reputation at home was likely bolstered by his foiling of the rather transparent US attempt to remove him by the standard playbook. Trump’s strength is realizing that the old ‘color revolution’ playbook, dating back at least to the British inspired coup in Yugoslavia in 1941 (which utilized… Read more »

Nicholas Hazen
January 30, 2020

I’m still trying to get my head around why Trump appointed John Bolton of whom Col. Larry Wilkerson said, “In my 50 years of service, John Bolton is the most dangerous American I’ve met.” Too loose a cannon should have been the very last person on the planet Trump would appoint to such a post, but he did. Who can say why?

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