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Bloomberg Flops, Biden Bounces—Don't Trust the Neo-liberals When It Comes to Your Future!

Review of crisis points, Coronavirus and Turkey’s flirting with war with Russia, and trying to bait NATO into supporting them. More on 2020 elections and candidates. Trump isn’t just up against a bunch of senile Democrats, these senile Democrats are backed by the coup plotters, green fascist billionaires, and intel community. We still have a battle to win.

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Michael Woodbridge
Michael Woodbridge
March 6, 2020

Can we please stop misusing the term “fascist”? All it does is to exchange serious discussion for cheap rhetoric. “Green fascist billionaires” must take the biscuit for sheer inanity!

John Ellis
John Ellis
Reply to  Michael Woodbridge
March 7, 2020

A fascist is one who enforces the U.S. Constitution.

John Ellis
John Ellis
March 7, 2020

The greed driven American voters, offer them something for nothing and they will follow you anywhere.
And so, as the 50% working poor refuse to vote, the 25% educated middle-class are democrats, the 25% most wealthy are the republicans and as everyone has a lust to be rich, an Empire is what USA is all about.

John Ellis
John Ellis
March 7, 2020

BERNIE SANDERS — HOW TO WIN WHITE HOUSE 1. As illness in rich USA is 90% self-inflicted, with most health problems cause by smoking, alcohol, drugs and a 50% fat diet, Bernie should propose that free healthcare be given to everyone, with the restriction that if an addiction is harming your health and you have the ability to pay for needed healthcare, you must pay. 2. Bernie knows full well that Russia is not interfering in U.S. elections. He must stop lying about. 3. Bernie knows that Joe Biden is not “my good friend and most honorable.” He must stop… Read more »

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