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Bill Browder and Fraud in the Ukraine Investigation w/ @LaRouchePAC Harley Schlanger

Harley Schlanger explains the history of Western Russophobia and the plans drawn up by the New American Century, beginning in 1991,  to bring about the economic destruction of both Russia AND Ukraine, and Eastern Europe – acting under cover of the IMF.   Schlanger points out that in 1991, Ukraine had the 10th largest GDP per capita in the world. By today it is 42nd among the 42 European countries. Schlanger says Bill Browder was one of several people sent in by Western powers to loot Russia, along with none other than Bill Taylor of the Schiff impeachment hearings.  The 2014 Coup was intended to accelerate the economic collapse of Ukraine, the ‘point man’ for this being Joe Biden who was working with none other than Christopher Steele according  to Schlanger.

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Well, my first impression is....
Well, my first impression is....
November 29, 2019

Accelerate the economic collapse of Ukraine? Purposely? That’s a pretty big stretch. Maybe, if done specifically and knowingly to keep Ukraine ‘barefoot and pregnant’ with US AID, both economic and military, that might ring true. You’d have to suggest though that certain cadres from the behind the scenes Deep State did that while hornswaggling the ‘Ukrainian patriots’ that they used as their Hessians and had other hopes in mind. That would be reasonable conjecture, if not verifiable proof. Perfectly plausible but this author needs to address that particular scenario if he doesn’t want to be easily written off. Otherwise, it… Read more »

and an afterthought
and an afterthought
Reply to  Well, my first impression is....
November 29, 2019

What’s sort of interesting is to follow Jeffrey Sachs, who has turned pretty critical of the establishment in many ways. I’ll speculate here ….that his ‘shock therapy’ program for Russia in the early 90’s was an honest effort on his part and now he’s a bit incensed that the method he helped to create has been hijacked for just such ends as ‘the economic collapse of Ukraine’, if so in fact ordered. Food for thought.

Jane Karlsson
Jane Karlsson
November 30, 2019

Wow. Just wow. Things really are changing.

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