Beware of "radical" economists bearing new political parties: Varoufakis launches MeRA25

Celebrity economist Yanis Varoufakis launches new political party in Greece, professes to be more pro-EU than the EU itself

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At a presentation Monday evening at the Ilisia Theater in central Athens, media darling and neoliberal puppet Yanis Varoufakis officially launched his new Greek political party “MeRA25,” the Greek subsidiary of this pan-European “pro-democracy” movement DiEM25. “MeRA25,” in Greek, is the abbreviation of “Front for European Realistic Disobedience.”
Speaking to a star-struck audience of celebrity worshipers and standing on a TEDx-inspired stage below a giant banner with his likeness, sending his infamous self-love to new heights, Varoufakis put forth the agenda for his new movement: more Europe. Much more.
“We are no longer alone, that is the message. We are not ‘remaining in Europe.’ We are Europe,” said Varoufakis, adding: “MeRA25, just like DiEM25, is facing two ‘monsters’: the European establishment and the xenophobic nationalisms which are borne out of toxic austerity.”
Varoufakis continued by saying that “we are a part of Europe, but against this Europe,” harkening back to the infamous words of ex-prime minister George Papandreou, who, referring to his government, had said “we are anti-authoritarians in a position of authority.” We all saw how well that worked out…
Not surprisingly of course, Varoufakis was once George Papandreou’s adviser.
In addition, Varoufakis did not neglect to call for the establishment of a “Greek FBI,” purportedly to investigate “political crimes.”
On Greece’s important national issues, Varoufakis spoke of the “irredentism” of the Greeks and of the “geographical region of Macedonia.” Varoufakis previously had written, quite ironically, about the “patriotic duty” of the Greeks to “overcome” the Macedonia issue (by allowing Greece’s northern neighbor to use the name). Not surprisingly, this commentary had been published by the infamous “Efimerida ton Syntakton” newspaper, which has never encountered a George Soros-sponsored cause, issue, or mouthpiece that it did not like.
Notably, Varoufakis’ talk was ultimately interrupted by followers of another demagogic figure, the long-missing Artemis Sorras.
Varoufakis was joined by video by an all-star cast of fraudulent “leftists” and globalist darlings, such as Noam Chomsky (a signatory to Varoufakis’ DiEM25 movement), celebrity philosopher Slavoj Zizek, and Brian Eno. Chomsky deemed the establishment of MeRA25 as a “positive development” for Greece.
It should be noted that Chomsky, usually an “expert on everything,” in a January 2016 interview, completely dodged a question regarding the establishment of DiEM25 and also dodged a question as to the alternative paths Greece and the SYRIZA-led government could have followed instead of imposing the third memorandum agreement. Two weeks later, Chomsky appeared as a founding signatory of the DiEM25 movement, at whose opening ceremony Julian Assange spoke as well. Varoufakis has, in the past, confirmed meeting and having dinner with Assange.
What should be evident to anyone that isn’t wearing blinders is that Varoufakis is no radical. “Radical” economists do not tend to start pan-European movements with the support of major political and intellectual figures, nor do they have the resources to establish political parties and host major political events across multiple countries. Even more so, “radicals” that seek to “change the system” do not tend to be viewed favorably by the mass media, let alone being given ample airtime and column inches, as is the case with Varoufakis.
So Varoufakis is no radical. What he is, however, is a fraud. For a clearer explanation as to why, based entirely on his record and his actions as Greece’s finance minister, in direct contradiction with his “radical” and “anti-austerity” rhetoric, click here.
Opinions expressed are those of the author alone and may not reflect the opinions and viewpoints of Hellenic Insider, its publisher, its editors, or its staff, writers, and contributors.


The statements, views and opinions expressed in this column are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of this site. This site does not give financial, investment or medical advice.

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