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Bernie Bros Furious (Again) At "Hostile" DNC Appointments After Sanders Soars Into Dem Lead

“The appointments also include individuals that are outright hostile to Bernie Sanders and his supporters…”

It’s like deja vu all over again…

It would appear the Democratic Party elites are in full panic mode as despite all their (and their liberal media mates) efforts to bad-mouth Bernie Sanders, the Vermont Senator is soaring in the polls, overtaking ‘sleepy’ Joe both in surveys and at the bookies.

Today, The Hill reports that a new poll finds Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) leading the field of Democratic contenders in California, where about 40 percent of all the convention delegates will be allocated on Super Tuesday.

Sanders also leads in Iowa

And Sanders lead in New Hampshire…

And on the national level, is rapidly catching Biden…

And finally, where it really matters – putting your money where your mouth is – Bernie is exploding higher, surging past Biden to lead the Democratic Party nomination odds…

And it is not likely to slow down anytime soon, as the Sanders campaign announced Tuesday it would launch its first ads in Super Tuesday states, spending $2.5 million between California and Texas.

All of which is probably why – after failing with accusations of sexism and verbal attacks from Hilary and Obama – The DNC has stepped up to the plate (again) to disavow Democratic voters in America that they believe in any sort of democracy.

‘Bernie Bros’ are venting frustration at DNC Chairman Tom Perez over his initial appointments to the committees that will oversee the rules and party platform at the nominating convention in Milwaukee later this year.

Specifically, as The Hill reports, Sanders’ allies are incensed by two names in particular:

  • Former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.), who will co-chair the rules committee, and

  • Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chairman John Podesta, who will have a seat on that committee.

The Sanders campaign unsuccessfully sought to have Frank removed from the rules committee in 2016, describing him as an “aggressive attack surrogate for the Clinton campaign.”

And, as The Hill details, Podesta, a longtime Washington political consultant and Clinton confidant, is viewed with contempt by some on the left. One of Podesta’s hacked emails from 2016 showed him asking a Democratic strategist where to “stick the knife in” Sanders, who lost the nomination to Clinton that year after a divisive primary contest.

“The appointments also include individuals that are outright hostile to Bernie Sanders and his supporters,” Yasmine Taeb, a DNC member from Virginia, exclaimed.

“It’s not the message the DNC should be sending to the grassroots right now when we’re all working aggressively to defeat the racist in the White House.”

“If the DNC believes it’s going to get away in 2020 with what it did in 2016, it has another thing coming,” Sanders’ campaign co-chair Nina Turner blasted.

Even the neocons are panicking…

How will the military-industrial-complex survive under a socialist president?

As The Hill concludes, Perez and his team had nothing to do with the party’s disastrous 2016 convention, which took place under the cloud of WikiLeaks releasing hacked DNC emails that showed political bias in favor of Clinton over Sanders.

But Clinton’s recent return to the spotlight to bash Sanders and relitigate both her 2016 primary victory and general election loss has reignited tensions between establishment Democrats and grassroots liberals.

With Sanders rising in the polls, there are new fears among his supporters that the national party will stack the deck against him, particularly if there is a contested convention.

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January 29, 2020

2016 all over again! The rotten DNC does it again – Betrail Fraud Corruption Manipulation because Bernie is in the lead ‘Again’ and unfortunately the old man wont listen again.

January 29, 2020

Trump messed up the DNC gravy train in Ukraine and Bernie just wasn’t part of it. Neither Bernie oR Trump were part of their 9.11 project (LIKE HILDA AND ASSOCIATES).

Funny a little…..Bernie and Trump have the same enemy (a Hillary DNC coup that was obvious in 2016 and recently via “impeachment”).

Reply to  Tjoe
January 29, 2020

Bernie will not be the 2020 DNC candidate, doesn’t matter how well he polls. As far as his hands being clean on Ukraine, that’s one more reason why securing the DNC nomination will never be allowed to happen. They will not allow it, plain and simple, he’s not “in the club”.

Bernie gives the Dems a Hernia
Bernie gives the Dems a Hernia
Reply to  Tjoe
January 29, 2020

I ain’t no socialist but I like Bernie. Any Jew that refused to meet with AIPAC is OK in my book.

January 29, 2020

The Democratic Party would rather have another four years of Trump than have Sanders elected. After all, they can play opposition to Trump and inflict a thousand cuts on him. A Sanders presidency would propose programs that the Party has always opposed. Remember that Obama had a majority Congress for two years, but instead of helping ordinary citizens, he bailed out the banks and had the insurance companies write his Obamacare bill. But if Sanders gets elected, the Party wouldn’t be able to oppose him without betraying its Republican mentality and risking a backlash from its base, so Pelosi, Schumer,… Read more »

Dinners to Lift Your Spirits
Dinners to Lift Your Spirits
January 29, 2020

Pederast Podesta leading the charge…..what could go wrong? And gay Barney? Didn’t even know he was still around. They must have pulled him out of the closet and dusted him off to please the woke folk. 😉

Monte George Jr.
Monte George Jr.
January 30, 2020

Once bitten (2016) twice shy? NO, no. Not our Bernie. At the risk of gravely offending you Senator Sanders, I recommend you call up Donald Trump and ask him to tell you the story of The Tender Hearted Woman and The Snake. Pity you didn’t do this several years ago.

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