Back to Iraq. Obama is set to ask Congress for “limited” troop deployment In Iraq

Mission creep Ukraine…how about mission creep Iraq. Again!

How many times has the US put “boots on the ground” in Iraq by now? More importantly, will America ever get tired of pummelling the Iraqi people?

Zerohedge reports…

Today, Obama will finally complete the circle started in August when, under the premise of “humanitarian intervention”, allegedly meant to save a group refugees stranded on a mountain, Obama launched an airborne coalition effort to destroy the same group of radical jihadist extremists that the US was assisting when they were merely fighting the Assad regime in Syria. Because today is when Obama will officially request that those same troops that he so liberally pulled out in compliance with his Nobel Peace Prize, be put back in Iraq.

Just like Jordan piling thousands of troops on the Iraq border to invade Iraq in a preemptive strike is “defensive”?

Actually it won’t stir any debate among the neo-cons, whose compensation is largely determined by the military-industrial complex lobby dollars – they will be quite delighted. It may stir some debate among the progressive rank of democrats as they scramble to resolve the cognitive dissonance that the peace-loving president is going back to George Bush’s so much hated ground zero, and find a way to spin and package it for public consumption. The good news: there is a catalyst:

Fueled by outrage over the death of aid worker Kayla Mueller, the last-known U.S. hostage held by Islamic State militants, as well as the slayings of journalists and a Jordanian pilot, lawmakers said they planned quick hearings on the authorization, and a vote within weeks of Congress’ return from a Feb. 16-20 recess.

As a reminder, according to ISIS it was Jordan airstirkes, obviously with the US blessing, that killed Mueller. We doubted this explanation, but it was not until the CIA and the Pentagon chimed in and made it very clear just who killed the US hostage, that we knew for certain what had happened:

Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby was asked Tuesday if there was any doubt who killed the aid worker.

He replied: “No doubt. ISIL,” using the initials the group is known by.

Kirby says U.S. officials still don’t know how Mueller died. But he added that officials are certain it was not in one of the airstrikes Jordan launched in retaliation for the killing of one of its pilots.

So… the US doesn’t know, but it is certain it wasn’t a Jordanian airstrike. And a little over decade ago the US was certain it was Iraqi WMDs too…

In any event, next up in Congress: the usual circus as the US prepares to invade a nation once again under a humanitarian intervention pretext.


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