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Austria says JCPOA (Iran deal) will remain even if US withdraws

Apart from the US, all other parties to the JCPOA seek to keep the deal in place.

Jan Kickert, Austria’s envoy to the UN, has spoken with the Islamic Republic News Agency, in what amounts to the most direct assurance yet, that apart from the United States, all other parties to the JCPOA, also referred to as the Iran nuclear deal, seek to keep the agreement in place, even in the event of a much expected US withdrawal.

Kickert once again highlighted the fact that Iran has been in full compliance with the deal and that because of this, it is in the interest of all other parties to the deal, including Russia, China, Germany, France, UK and the EU, to uphold their end of the agreement, even if the US unilaterally pulls out.

Kickert further stated,

“The European position is very clear: we believe that this treaty is a good one, and should be kept and all the commitments from all the parties should be kept. There is no intention by the Europeans to pull out”.

The Austrian diplomat added,

“We hope that Iran will stick to its commitment, because then the other parties to the treaty, Europeans in particular, and also the Russians and the Chinese, will also stick to it”.

While Iran remains in compliance with the deal according to the UN, US State Department, US Defense Secretary, Russia, China, the EU, Germany, France and Britain, Donald Trump is thought to be preparing a defiant move to de-certify the deal. This could throw the deal into a perilous state. Although all other parties to the deal and the international community more widely seek to preserve the deal, if unilateral US sanctions targeting Iran’s economy retarded Iran’s progress in terms of wider economic engagement, Tehran could decide that the deal is null and void.

Austria, which as an EU member is party to the deal, appears to be working with its other partners to ensure that the deal does not fall through in the event of a US withdrawal. Austria’s sentiments which were echoed in a recent open letter signed by Germany, France and Britain, demonstrate how Donald Trump’s hostile position to Iran has isolated Washington from the wider world, including America’s traditional western allies.

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