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Assange talk in Hamburg disrupted by possible sabotage

Assange talk in Hamburg disrupted by possible sabotage

Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was scheduled to speak via web-link to a conference organised in Hamburg to coincide with the G20.

Just before Assange was about to address the audience, a fire alarm sounded and the authorities forced the attendees to evacuate the building in spite of the fact that there was no fire or any other kind of danger.

Even after the orderly evacuation, attendees were not allowed back into the building and Assange was not able to address the audience.

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A spokesman from the group DiEM25 which organised the event has stated,

“Someone appears to have manipulated the fire alarm. Everyone had to evacuate. The firefighters came, found nothing, but didn’t let us back in. We’re continuing outside. We hope to still have Julian Assange later”.

Local firefighters confirmed that it was a false alarm but they insist it was a technical malfunction rather than coordinated sabotage.


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