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Assad is STILL willing to work with the US in a real fight against terrorism

Syrian President Basar al-Assad has said he is still prepared to work with countries like the United States in the war against terrorism.

Assad defined his open door to future allies in the war against terrorism in the following way,

“Regarding fighting terrorism, we always announce that we are ready to cooperate with any country who is genuinely ready or wants or has the will to fight terrorism. We didn’t even define which countries; any country including the West, taking into consideration that we already know that the West supports the terrorists and it doesn’t have a will to fight them. But we said whoever is ready, we are ready”.

He said that in additional to Syria’s strongest current partner in the war against terrorism, Russia, Syria also maintains communities with Kurdish anti-jihadist forces, in spite of many suspecting that Kurds have future plans to federalise or even Balkanise Syria.

Throughout his campaign, Donald Trump suggested the possibility of working with countries like Russia in order to form a wider anti-ISIS coalition.

Since then, it looks increasingly unlikely that such a thing will happen in the near future.

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