Is Apple next in line to feel feminism’s wrath?

The tech industry is under siege.  Over the past year we have been witness to the constant media barrage of a “lack of women in tech” storyline that has forced out many male founders and CEOs, discrediting their hard work and ruining their reputation within the tech community. From Evan Spiegel of Snapchat to Tom Preston-Werner of Github, the body count of tech company leaders being taken out by the feminist, liberal left media agenda is on the rise.

So far the target has been up and coming tech stars and young startup founders, but recently we have seen an uptick in articles calling for larger tech companies to change their hiring practices or face the wrath of feminism.

Just last week Google had to plead a mea culpa and issue an apology of sorts to women for its male dominated, engineering work force, by releasing information on the gender and race imbalance at its own company.  Google is currently 70% male, and in the U.S., 60% white. By acknowledging the disparity, Google is positioning itself as wanting to change and seeking to show a willingness to balance out its employment disparities.

Of course their may be other, more natural reasons for the gender imbalance that will never be considered or accepted by feminist dogma, which always requires its pound of flesh for all the “evil” man centric talents and interests plaguing our modern world.

Just maybe, men gravitate towards STEM based careers, like computer science, because a man’s biology and brain wiring facilitates (in general) this type of work, in much the same way that a women’s biology pushes her gender, in general, towards careers such as communications and teaching.

As always, with feminists, biology and evolution be damned, the square peg has to be forced into the circular hole.  Google bought some time, but they are fully aware that the fembots are coming to get them.

Enter Apple, the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), and Selena Larson at with her recent post titled, “How Many Women Has Apple Put On The WWDC Keynote Stage Since 2007?”

In the seven years since Apple released the iPhone and changed what it meant to own a mobile device, it has trotted out one male executive after another at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference to showcase new software, apps, and operating systems.

Conspicuously missing on stage during the excitement and announcements: Women and minorities.

Larson is now setting up her case that Apple, is in essence, conspiring to leave women out of its WWDC event, choosing not to show them on stage in order to promote the male dominated industry standard.

Bay Area-based writer Joe Kukura recently scanned through 16 hours of WWDC keynote address video. His findings: 57 men have spoken during a WWDC keynote since 2007, but just one woman. In 2009, Stephanie Morgan and her male business partner made a very brief appearance to tout their iPhone app. The other developer speakers who took the stage in 2009 were all male, and all went on solo. [Update: Turns out, one other woman has appeared at a WWDC keynote: Jen Herman from Zynga. See update at the bottom for more info.]

After reviewing the keynotes myself, I noticed women or minorities have appeared a handful of times in photos while white male executives demonstrate the capabilities of the smartphone’s camera or editing software. They just weren’t on stage themselves.

Siri, the iPhone equivalent of a personal secretary who Apple identifies as female, briefly made an appearance in 2012—though voice-command systems hardly count as representatives for gender diversity.

As with all feminists, Larson gets a little help form her white knight pal Joe Kukura, displaying a united male-female (sorry, female-male) front in tackling the misogyny that is WWDC.  The argument is simple really, women make up half the population and are big Apple customers, ergo, at the very least, half of all WWDC speakers should be women.

Women make up half the population, account for 60 percent of online purchases, and were a major factor in the iPhone’s success, preferring the small, slender phones to Android devices. And smartphones are more popular among blacks and Hispanics in the U.S. than among whites.

So why has Apple all but omitted them in WWDC keynotes?

It’s indicative of a much broader diversity problem within the technology industry—especially in roles that are highly technical, where—to put it plainly—women and minorities are vastly outnumbered by white males. But let’s be clear: Even if there are relatively few women and minorities in the upper echelons of the tech industry, Apple clearly has both the resources and the cachet to attract them as employees and speakers.

Hell, half of all Apple execs, upper management, board members and total workforce should be women according to Larson. Her hampster logic wonders why Apple can’t make this easy adjustment, after all they have a ton of cash and influence to easily “balance” things out and set a good example for all little boys to follow.

Instead, it looks like no one at Apple has even thought about it. And by overwhelmingly favoring white men as speakers at its biggest event of the year, Apple basically tells people in the audience and those watching around the world: This is what a successful technologist looks like.

Of course the small minded men at Apple have never ever thought about being more diverse or inclusive, they are after all evil.  We needed the clever and observant Selena Larson to tell these bad men (who coincidently built and run the biggest company in the world) what they did not have the foresight to understand for themselves.

Such arrogance and ego is beyond comprehension.  Here is the hard truth. The executive team at Apple, and other large successful tech companies, are fully aware that their industry and workforce is skewed toward a male demographic, not because of some grand conspiracy theory, but because men have a natural, biological aptitude and passion for STEM based subjects.

The reality is that talented and qualified women programmers would be more than welcome at Apple, Google or anywhere else, but the fact remains that most women just do not gravitate towards computer science in the same rate was men. No matter how much money you throw at the issue, biology cannot be changed and unfortunately for so many feminists biology does indeed dictate the career choices, general interests and passions for both men and women.  This does not mean men are better or women are better, it simply means that on average, men will move towards certain careers in the same way women will move towards certain careers.  Why this is so difficult or painful for feminists to understand is beyond me.

Perhaps its time for feminists to look inwards and reflect as to why they have so much hate and jealousy towards men. Is it because feminists lust after power, feel slighted for something they believe they were entitled to posses or something deeper.  The red pill adage that “men will climb to the top of the mountain and women will complain there is a mountain top and declare that where they are is the mountain top” sums up the “women in tech” debate perfectly.


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