Another day, another neo-nazi midnight march in Kiev, to show support for the bombing of East Ukraine citizens

Torch-lit, midnight marches are becoming a common occurrence in Kiev.

Of course western main stream media still insists that no nazi presence exists in Ukraine. Videos of last night’s rally show otherwise.

Citizens of American and Europe, have nothing to worry about, because these are good nazis, commissioned by John McCain, George Soros and Vicky Nuland to try and wipe out the evil that is Orthodox Christianity.

Sputnik News Agency reports…

Several hundred young man have staged a torch-lit rally in Kiev in what they claimed was a show of support for the government’s military operation in the country’s southeast, which left thousands killed.

The crowd marched from the country’s parliament to the Presidential Administration building on Sunday, chanting slogans in which they derided the country’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Fireworks, flares, and smoke bombs added up to the noise from the crowd.

The action was organized by Chesne Slovo (Honest World), an organization which sees “the promotion of the development of the Ukrainian national idea” as one of its core aims.


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