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American planes transport a new batch of “ISIS” terrorists to Iraq.

Sources reported a new transfer of ISIS terrorists from Gweran prison in Al-Hasakah, by the US helicopters operating under the name of the “International Coalition”.

The sources pointed out that the “SDF” in charge of “Ghoyran” prison in Al-Hasakah had removed about 10 prisoners from “ISIS” and transported them by American aircraft to the “Semalka” crossing in preparation for their transfer to Iraq.

The sources pointed out that a great alert prevailed in the vicinity of the prison during the operation to remove the terrorists from it, and until the American planes were flying, noting that the 9 militants were arrested from the “Al-Baghouz” area, including those who held important positions in the terrorist organization.

The sources emphasized that, as is the case with the dozens of terrorists who were previously released by America from the prisons of the “SDF”, the fate of the 9 militants and the purpose of their removal are still unknown.

During the past months, the transfer of ISIS terrorists from the SDF’s prisons in Al-Hasakah increased, as all these operations are carried out by American aircraft, and their destination is either to the illegal Al-Shaddadi base in Syria or to Iraq.

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March 23, 2021

The purpose of removal seems pretty clear. If one wants to pillage and steal the raw materials and goods of a War Ravaged people, they will need to be kept in their place through kidnappings, killings,Rape, having their crops burnt and their food stolen etc. Nothing better than having satanic mercenaries like Daesh to blame it all on. Trump always said it was the Obama/Biden group that created Daesh, looks like he was telling the truth.

Brian Ghilliotti
Brian Ghilliotti
March 23, 2021

Difference with Trump is that he was stealing Syria’s resources/oil with Turkish backed terrorists, Some probably former members of Isis. Biden Has chosen to Stick with the former members of AQI Which were later reconstruct into ISIS under Obama. Brian Ghilliotti

Missile attacks targeting the stolen Syrian oil market in “Sarmada”.

More than half of Syrians in Jordan live below the poverty line