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“American justice” is oxymoronic”

The largest change in the last 30 years has been online communications. Will this divide or seperate minds? Will this educate or dump down? Will military activity increase or be reduced? Will this be a positive for human evolution?

I recently watched a youtube blog by arguably two of the best minds in the US and I commented thus: “I greatly appreciate your intelligence and understanding however I have a concern regarding the two hours spent on the internal social problems of America and the consequences of American injustice in your latest talks.

Some in Venezuela might worry more about medicine, maize, milk and motor oil.

In the past 50 years many folk world wide have been waiting, and waiting for some explanation of justice that might right some of the wrongs that were the result of US foreign policy in the past 50 years. Don’t be suprised if some are a little gleeful at equating the current internal problems with some other notion of justice. What do you think?

This brings to mind the old saying ‘In the country of the blind the one eyed man is king.’

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Olivia Kroth
June 22, 2020

There is no “US justice”. There is only US injustice, according to the motto “might is right”.

j t
j t
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
June 24, 2020

Well, there is “US Justice”… but that is simply a concept belonging to WeThePeople. Unfortunately this country no longer belongs to us, if it ever really did. It belongs to a corporation–The District of Columbia, Inc– and the Military-Industrial-Bankster-Intelligence-BigPharm Complex connected to it. And for sure, this corporation does not give a flying fluck about WeThePeople, except as taxpayers and chattal to be milked dry and propagandized and put under lockdown and impoverished and fed lab-created food and poisoned with fluoride (hope that might finally end) and surveilled 24/7 and vaccinated (nano-tagged–vaxes have nothing to do with our health)…all for… Read more »

Maverick Muse
Maverick Muse
Reply to  Olivia Kroth
June 30, 2020

There is not ONLY US injustice. Below follow link to a fine example of justice happening in America, defending a middle aged couple who write a newsletter against 6 eBay top officials. Your legendary motto we associate with King Arthur and his knights of the round table, when in Camelot, for a time, the “Might is right” preconception was overcome. The concept of absolute power is certainly not an American invention. Considering your marvelous studies in historical cultures and familial ties to Russia (and to Germany), where was “justice” when the Russian peasants were mandated as serfs/slaves by the Tsar?… Read more »

June 22, 2020

It’s not only American justice. We’ve seen how the gilets jaunes have been treated and we’ve seen how the UK police have been throwing their weight about recently, more than they usually do.
When you talk about justice, how about the corrupt judiciary in the US, UK and France? Julian Assange, David Noakes and Lynda Thyer, the Hampstead children come to mind as well the disproprotionate sentence on Carl Beech to stop him talking about the appalling abuse he received from people high up in the system. Oh and there are dozens of other examples I could quote.

B. Benhamid
B. Benhamid
June 22, 2020

All the Justice money can buy.

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