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America’s rotten Syria policy now risks war with its own NATO ally Turkey

Washington also stands to gain a new enemy in the betrayed Kurdish fighters along the Syrian-Turkish frontier

On January 23rd, this analysis piece written by The Duran’s own Alexander Mercouris detailed the strategic steps and missteps that the American military and foreign policy directors have been taking with the Kurds, and with the Syrian situation overall.

One key point Alexander made was that it was likely that:

…Having armed the Kurds and encouraged them to create their own statelet in northern Syria in order to fight ISIS and destabilise the government in Damascus, the US is now preparing to abandon them to Turkey as soon as the going gets difficult.

Needless to say duplicity of this order is going to shatter trust in the US both amongst the Kurds and even in Turkey, which is not likely to forget any time soon the game the US attempted to play with the Kurds in Syria at its expense.

Well, he seems to have been correct, yet again.

On January 24th, Sputnik News reported that the US threatened to cut aid to Kurdish units that confront Turkey in Afrin.

This is the insane meeting the untenable.

Turkey hates the Kurds, but the Americans used them for support against ISIS and Syria right along the Turkish border. Not smart.

Turkey is a NATO ally, and has a lot more sway with the Americans against the Kurds, whom the Americans were supporting, so it looks like the Kurds are going to get the short end of the stick, though it was they who did a lot of the heavy lifting in Syria (not the Turkish forces), and what will that produce?

Even worse of course is the fact that the Americans were never wanted in Syria, and their motive to get rid of the rightful Syrian President Bashir Al-Assad for no really constructive reason was interfered with by ISIS surging into the region.

The word “quagmire” does not come anywhere close to describing this.  A better two-word term for it starts with the world “cluster” and the other word rhymes with “duck”.

When RT started reporting on the Turkish action against the Kurds in Afrin, RT was the only publication carrying this news.  The American media outlets remained silent for days.  When they did speak, it was vague and misleading.

As is the case with American domestic policy, it appears that there are those involved with US foreign policy who are clearly insane, or who think that the United States has the right of hegemony anywhere in the world, “just because.”

As is also the case, the application of power without purpose is insane, and it is dangerous.  In my article concerning the Mueller investigation of Trump, I mentioned that the real result of that investigation amounts to a look at the disintegrating soul of a great nation.  Here we see the same thing.

The failure to lead in a pragmatic, logical way (which is actually President Donald Trump’s stated objective from his UN General Assembly speech), but instead, to throw power around to serve unclear and unknown ends, reflects that the USA, once truly a light among nations, has now relegated itself to a bitter, bullying superpower, with no true purpose or nobility whatsoever.

This is a painful thing for this American to state, but it seems to be undeniable.  And tragically the brave men and women who faithfully do serve in the United States armed forces, are just become cannon fodder for the whims of the insane.

Again, the soul of the nation is revealed.

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