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Alex Jones Wants Public Utility Social Media

Alex Jones Wants Public Utility Social Media

  • Alex Jones is making the case for the Post Office to create its own social media service, in which the First Amendment would be sacrosanct.

Authored by Serban V.C. Enache via Hereticus Economicus:

Listening to Infowars radio today, because I practice something called audi alteram partem, I was surprised to hear Alex Jones making the case for the Post Office to create its own social media service, in which the First Amendment would be sacrosanct, in which conservative and liberal outlets would be barred from controlling the narrative, and those that violate the law are given due process. Jones made a very compelling case, insisting that people’s data be encrypted, and even going as far as to explain how this Post Office Social Media platform could become super profitable. Though he didn’t use the expression “public utility,” he did use the word “utility,” and de facto that’s what Jones is arguing for.

Of course, he had to put in disclaimers that this suggestion isn’t against the free market. No wonder, since there’s been so much indoctrination happening to the libertarian and conservative right in the US for long, long decades, indoctrination sponsored by influence groups like the Mont Pelerin Society and the Koch Brothers [ironically using money earned from contracts with the Soviet Union]. Beating into their heads the absolutely fallacious doctrine that public investment and public services are always, everywhere wasteful and akin to slavery. Most conservatives and libertarians champion rentier markets without even knowing it. They’ve no idea that Adam Smith’s “free market” expression meant free from rent-seeking. For more info on this, read The Globalists of Right & Left. I hope Alex Jones won’t back away from this Post Office Social Media Platform scheme, because it’s a great idea that should receive support from people at grassroots across the political spectrum. I certainly support it.

Another interesting proposal I heard today on Infowars radio was from a caller. This man suggested an easy, fast, and legal way for Trump to defeat those platforms that hate his guts. He proposed an executive order, in which state institutions [like the Military, the State Department etc] would be barred from having accounts on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Google, and other outlets that violate the First Amendment and actively censor conservative voices. The argument being that the state institutions would move to social media platforms which don’t practice political policing / political censorship, and the public would follow the state institutions [with Trump leading them] and migrate to the new ones. Here’s where the Postal Office Social Media Service comes in as the alternative. It’s perfect.

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Maybe a miracle will happen and Alex Jones will see more light in the future and support things like Postal Banking, Land-Value Taxation, and a National Education Service. That’s a big maybe, but stranger things have happened…

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I got to try Jones’ supplements & see if they’re worth a darn 😛

john vieira

The present completely biased and one sided social media has got to go…the mainstream, to the observant, keep shooting themselves in the foot…and even the most dense are starting to realize what they really are…propaganda disseminating outlets that have capitulated to the Doctrine of Deception…

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