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As Aleppo is liberated and Al-Qaeda is defeated Syrians hit the streets in celebration (Video)

AFP EXCLUSIVE Syrian troops celebrate as they take control of the village of Haydariyah, some seven kilometers outside the rebel-held city of Qusayr, on May 13, 2013. Syrian troops captured three villages in the strategic Qusayr area of Homs province, allowing them to cut supply lines to rebels inside Qusayr town, a military officer told AFP. AFP PHOTO/JOSEPH EID

As the “Great Battle of Aleppo’ approaches its end – which will probably come tomorrow – there could not be a sharper contrast between the way in which the news of the Syrian army’s victory is being celebrated in Syria, and the gloom and anger with which it is being received in the West.

In Aleppo itself film shows joyful Syrians flooding onto the streets to celebrate the Syrian army’s victory and the coming end of the fighting in their city.  Here is one such video published by the Russian news agency Sputnik

Meanwhile in the West UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who heads a UN Secretariat which has played an appalling role in supporting Western regime change agendas first in Libya and more recently in Syria, has issued a statement expressing his “grave concern” about atrocities supposedly perpetrated on civilians in a way that is clearly intended to place the blame on the Syrian authorities

“The Secretary-General is alarmed over reports of atrocities against a large number of civilians, including women and children, in recent hours in Aleppo.  While stressing that the United Nations is not able to independently verify these reports, the Secretary-General is conveying his grave concern to the relevant parties.  He has instructed his Special Envoy for Syria to follow up urgently with the parties concerned.

The United Nations underlines the obligation of all parties on the ground to protect civilians and abide by international humanitarian and human rights law.  This is particularly the responsibility of the Syrian Government and its allies.”

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This is a strange statement to issue on the eve of the ending of a great and historic battle, all the more so since as Ban Ki-moon himself admits the claims of “atrocities against a large number of civilians, including women and children” are entirely unverified. 

Of course what Ban Ki-moon is doing by issuing this statement is giving credence to the atrocity propaganda of the Jihadis.

Where Ban Ki-moon at least admits that the claims of atrocities are unverified, his aide Jan Egeland has shown no such restraint.  In a tweet he has said the following

“The Gov’ts of Syria & Russia are accountable for any and all atrocities that the victorious militias in Aleppo are now committing!”

(bold italics added)

The “victorious militias” presumably refers to the Iraqi Shiite militias and the Kurdish and Palestinian militias which have played a secondary role supporting the Syrian army in the fighting.

Note however that where Ban Ki-moon admits the reports of atrocities are unverified, Egeland treats them as facts.  This despite the fact that as the UN’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon is presumably better informed about the situation in Aleppo than Egeland is.

The reality is that no-one is going will long remember these sour but very revealing comments of Ban Ki-moon and Jan Egeland, made on the eve of the greatest victory won by the Syrian army in its modern history. 

It is the scenes of celebration tonight which will be remembered

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