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Afraa Dagher remembers Khaled Al-Khateb, RT Arabic’s journalist murdered by ISIS

The latest but not the last martyr among the honest brave voices that reveal the truth and expose the suppression of information on war criminality, is the young and awesome Syrian journalist Khaled Al-Khateb, who was killed today when he came under fire from the so-called ‘ISIS’.  These blind rockets ended the life of the 25 years old Syrian reporter Khaled who recently joined the ranks of RT Arabic.

ISIS, barbaric as they did not care that the word ‘PRESS’ was clearly written on his field uniform.

Those criminals and their masters behind them always aim to silence the voice before the body and tragically, today they silenced both. Their aim is to kill the truth and those who report it.

Khaled was  not the only one,  we also lost Hamza from Almanar Tv, Yara Abbas from Syrian TV, Serena Shem from Press TV, the list is long.  I’m  sorry our blessed prophets , yes Prophets , you were killed while sending our message to the world , to help the innocent against the real war criminals!

Khaled lastly  recorded a report to RT   from Hama countryside where he interviewed  those who fled  from Al-Raqqa province to Hama.  Khaled  exposed the crimes of the US “anti-ISIS”  led coalition against civilians in Raqqa.  In this interview , kids , women and men told Khaled the  truth about why they fled Raqqa.

They fled the US coalition because of the airstrikes on their  buildings, hospitals, schools!

A little boy explained to  Khaled how the US launched airstrikes on his school,  which even displaced people from Aleppo were using  as a safe refuge. They murdered everyone inside it!

Another Man told Khaled about the white Phosphorus  being used by the United States against Syrian civilians in al-Tabqqa Raqqa and other sites.

Khaled  ended up saying in  his video that this US led coalition and the destruction it has caused is comparable to the  destruction of Syrian infrastructures since 2014 when they first entered Syria under the pretext of fighting terror. “How many millions will it cost us to rebuild Syria with US coalition continuing its attacks with the pretext being always the same, fighting terrorism  in Syria?”, Khaled added.

Khaled was not killed directly by the USA. He was killed by their proxy war, by their mercenaries….I  should say  with their permission!

Khaled is our groom today, the groom of Syria.

He is a true Soldier, his weapon  was his honest and strong voice. 

Condolences to Syria, it is a systematic war against Syria–to commit genocide against all its brightest minds, soldiers, scientists and journalists!

They want to displace its people and  give the land of Syrians to other  nationalities! However, Syria will remain a united land and Syria will survive by the blessed blood of its sons and daughters.

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