Above the law. Refugees attack elderly German man on subway. Police refuse to arrest migrants

Via Zerohedge…

So far this year we’ve seen “shocking footage” of a shrieking migrant teen involved in a bitter dispute with an asylum center worker, a clip which depicts dozens of “football hooligans” rampaging through Stockholm’s central train station on the way to accosting non-Swedes, and a number of videos showing police clashing with demonstrators who have taken to the streets across the bloc to protest the influx of refugees.

On Tuesday we get the latest clip out of Europe, this time from Munich where a train going from Sendlinger Tor station to the Munich city center was the scene of what’s being described as an assault on an elderly man perpetrated by “young men of Middle Eastern appearance.”

“The clip shows how several young men of middle eastern appearance attack two elderly Germans, who moments earlier had come to the defense of a young woman harassed by the same group,” RT says.

Tom Roth, who took the video, says an apparent refugee “touched the back” of a woman prompting the “old men” to scold the migrants and demand that they “behave.”

The situation deteriorated quickly from there as you can see from the video shown below.

Just another day in Angela Merkel’s multicultural utopia.


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