Russian cat predicts football matches

The feisty feline may well have predicted a draw

Animals are frequently called on to predict the winner of an important football match. Matches in the 2010 World Cup were frequently predicted by Paul the Octopus.

In the run-up to the 2018 World Cup to be held in Russia, Achilles The Deaf Cat is busy predicting the winners of the Confederation Cup.

Recently, the cat from St. Petersburg’s State Hermitage was forced to decide whether to eat food from a bowl by a Russia flag or a flag of New Zealand.

After appearing rather angry, the deaf feline went to the Russian flag but did not eat the food below.

Will the score be 0-0?

Please gamble responsibly.

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June 17, 2017

Don’t take a cat out of its environment….What was wrong with taking 2 bowls of food into the Hermitage and a small crew to film it. No one took Paul the Octopus out of his tank did they? :-)))

Tim Webb
Tim Webb
June 17, 2017

Paul the Octopus has subsequently gone on to greater things. He is now Chief Advisor to President Trump in all matters relating to foreign policy. You may have wondered why 56 cruise missiles were fired at Syria recently, but only a handful got through; this was on the explicit advice of Paul, who at first advised that this number should be dispatched, but when a particularly attractive lady octopus passed by his tank, he instructed that many of them should be returned to base. ( Because of his eight legs, most numerical quantities have to be either divisible by, or… Read more »

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